Sunday, September 25, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Sunday)

1) Hannah slept until 8:30 this morning woohoo!

2) Of course, Grace was up at her normal 6:30, but one out of two ain't bad.

3) Took the girls to my friend's farm and pumpkin patch for a day of goat petting, sliding, milking cows, playing with kittens, face painting, pumpkin picking and hot dog eating.

4) Came home and Grace painted her pumpkin... her face on one side, and mine on the other.

5) I have green hair, according to Grace (on her pumpkin anyway).

6) Steve and I celebrated our anniversary by eating hot wings, drinking beer and watching the Steelers lose. Bastards.

7) Got a call that a friend of mine had her baby girl today. Hooray!

8) When I was going upstairs to retrieve Hannah, while yelling at her that she's not allowed to go up the stairs by herself, Grace stood at the bottom, screaming, "RUN Hannah! RUN!" setting Steve into a fit of laughter.

9) Realized that if they're ganging up on me at ages 2 and 4 already, I'm pretty much screwed.

10) Just ate a huge bowl of peanut butter with M&Ms mixed in. Nope... That's not fattening at all...


Melissa said...

I feel your pain on #9, I really do. LOL

Carrie said...

Are you pg again by any chance? ;0

Alien said...

Dear Lord, I hope not. LOL! Nah. I think it was more of an act of desperation. I was hungry, there was nothing else here to eat, and plain M&Ms seemed boring. LOL!

Lisa said...

Dylan slept in this weekend too. We almost missed his haircut on Saturday because he slept in until 9:00 and the appt was at 9:30. We were late, but I didn't really care because we all were snoozing so good.

EE said...

*Seriously* PB with M&M's?!?!? LMAO!!

If I were Steve I would have been laughing too, that's FUNNY.

You're not pg....are you?

Alien said...

No, I am NOT pregnant (as far as I know).

EE said...

Well, let us know when you know, lol ;)

Anonymous said...

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