Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Wednesday)...

1) Hannah slept through the night! YEEHAW!!!

2) Shuffled both children off to daycare with no major tantrums or catatrophes.

3) Cursed Aetna when I realized they cashed a check I had sent months ago and forgot about, taking every single penny of my unemployment that was deposited today (and then some).

4) Begrudgingly called Steve and asked him for money to deposit in my now overdrawn checking account. [sigh]

5) Did nothing productive what-so-ever all day except wash Grace's sleeping bag. I suck.

6) Had BK chicken fries for lunch. Yummmm!

7) Became increasingly annoyed at Steve when he said he wanted to go grocery shopping before picking up the girls at my mom's house, and yet continued to work on his truck, make phone calls, etc. that really didn't need to be done until we got home. Fine for him, but the later I get the girls home, the later they stay up and I wanted to watch ALL of "Lost" dammit. Stupid jackass....

8) Open Letter to Steve:

Dear Steve,

Turning up the radio in the car to drown out the noise of the girls' screaming and yelling and laughing does not calm them down or make them quieter. It makes them louder. Loser.

Your wife

9) Was quite disappointed that I still don't know the fate of Sawyer on "Lost" after tonight's episode. (Not to mention I wanted some of that eye candy regardless of whether or not he survived in the ocean.

10) Missed "Martha Stewart: Apprentice" because my husband sucks and wouldn't surrender the remote control during that hour. Bastard.

11) Had a 15-minute converation with my mother-in-law about how she can't shit anymore now that she's quit smoking. Um, thanks for the info.

12) It got worse when she went on to tell me how many suppositories she has "shoved up her ass" (he exact words) this past week. Oy.


EE said...

Ahhh, gotta love spam. ;)

I watched all of LOST and was....well, LOST. Hoping friend whose ignoring me will send me her DVD so that I can finally be "not LOST", lol.

Oh, and you know *I* don't have any husband advice. Sorry. You're one your own. LOL

Alien said...

How are you lost? What don't you understand?

mama_tulip said...

I was totally hoping for some Sawyer eye-candy last night...I watched the re-cap show so I could see him with his shirt off. Good thing I did.

Alien said...

Yeah. I'll be PISSED if they killed him off. I don't think they will. But I didn't think they'd off Boone either. I'm still bummed about that. :(

EE said...
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EE said...

The network "conveniently" skipped key episodes while re-running them over the summer, and I was hoping the one hour recap would help...but it didn't, lol. I just want to SEE those episodes that were missed. The other E person offered to lend me her season one DVD, so I'll feel better after I watch that. LOL =)