Friday, September 09, 2005

Highlights and Observations of My Day (Friday)...

1) Took the girls to WalMart to buy Grace a leotard for gymnastics tomorrow and a new gymbag to put her stuff in.

2) Bought that and 2 pairs of pink camoflauge sweatpants (matching for the girls), 2 pink sweatshirts with ballet slippers on them (matching for the girls), a pack of socks (for Grace), a case of soda, Mary Kate and Ashley barrettes (for Grace), 2 packs of barrettes (for me), 2 insulated water bottles (Grace said she needs one for gymnastics), a pack of toilet paper (for all of us except Hannah), and 2 track suits (for the girls). So basically, $20 turned into $97.

3) Realized that Hannah has some serious anal retentiveness issues, when after throwing a fit at WalMart b/c she wanted the green jacket and pants of her track suit to match and not just coordinate, we came home and she then ate her mac & cheese out of a green bowl, made me put a green ponytail holder in her hair, and wanted the green water bottle to drink her milk out of, all while pointing out to me that all of these items matched her new jacket and pants.

4) Figured that for the time being, her obsession with green may be easier to deal with than her obsession with button-down shirts. I mean, they don't make that many button-down shirts for girls.

5) Ate cupcakes for lunch, followed by a piece of string cheese.

6) Didn't argue when Hannah cried to wear her new lime green track suit to the festival.

7) Went to the festival tonight, where Steve got roped into taking Grace on the Scrambler, I got roped into taking both girls on the Himilaya, and Steve tried all night to talk Grace into going on this ridiculously inappropriate ride where they would've gone upside down.

8) Spent about $40 on stupid freakin' tickets because the bastards didn't offer a wristband that allowed the kids to ride unlimited rides.

9) Was slightly embarrassed when Hannah caused the carnival worker of the submarine kiddie ride to shut the ride down so she could get off (she had NO problem riding the exact same ride 3 weeks ago), and then had to restart the ride for the kids still on it.

10) Steve and I ate WAY too much deep-fried food in one night... cheese fries, chicken fingers, funnel cakes, waffles and ice cream... URP!

11) Wondered what the hell we were thinking when we won both girls HUGE inflatible hammers, about 4.5 feet long that squeak when you beat something with them. Yeah. Tomorrow should be fun. (Maybe they'll forget they're in my trunk.)

12) Didn't argue when Hannah cried to wear her new lime green track suit to bed.


EE said...

Toddler anal retentiveness at it's worst. LMAO!

And your trip to Walmart sounds like *any* trip I make to Target. I really do try to not go in there more than once a wk, lol.

Hope Grace enjoys gymnastics tomorrow. =)

EE said...

Oh and LMAO, now YOU are getting spammed too, just like all us "popular kids" were. ;)

Alien said...

What SPAM? I don't see any SPAM? ;)

Veronica said...

I love funnel cakes!!! I'm LOL at the hammers ya'll won, the girls won the very same ones, Shrek and all, at the carnival a few weeks ago! Their's were somehow misplaced after a day or two. ;)

Mary said...

I hate how expensive those carnivals are. The only reason we went to the state fair was because it was $1 ride day, instead of the normal $3-5 per ride.

And your wal-mart trip is why we never go to Target, like EE. Otherwise I spend way too much and have no problem justifying it...

mama_tulip said...

What is it about green? LOL! Julia freaks out if she doesn't have a green soother. She can have every flippin' colour under the sun but the world grinds to a screeching halt if there's no green. "MY GREEN! MY GREEN!" she screams.

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Anonymous said...

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