Saturday, September 24, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Saturday)

1) Hannah only woke up once in the middle of the night last night. Yay.

2) Slept with my husband last night. Always such a joy...

3) Hannah only had two temper tantrums regarding her attire as of 8:30 this morning when we left the house.

4) Signed the papers for the kitchen remodel loan. Full steam ahead...

5) Was pleasantly surprised to see that the price they had quoted for us over the phone for the appraisal on the house was actually the amount as the house is now... without any kitchen. (The appraiser was going to ask the bank if they wanted the amount to be as is or after the kitchen remodel.) So once the kitchen is in, it'll be worth even more than they quoted us. Very satisfying indeed.

6) Hit McDonald's drive-thru for a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. A finer breakfast food does not exist, my friends.

7) Steve and I may have actually agreed on the granite for the kitchen countertops. The fact that we both like the same thing with no real reservations is a miracle in and of itself. For real.

8) Went to a birthday party from hell where I spent two hours having multiple near-heart attacks as a group of unruly, unsupervised children did every dangerous thing they could possibly think of.

9) Left the party surprised that the one year old that fell head first down the basement steps and landed on a concrete floor was the only child hurt during the party. (At least when we left, she was the only child hurt.)

10) Went to my parents' house to celebrate my dad's birthday where Grace had a blast playing with (drunk) Uncle Kyle and (drunk) Uncle Mike, who had been at a local Oktoberfest festival all afternoon. Nice.

11) Was jealous they got to get drink at Oktoberfest while I was at a child's birthday party wishing with all my might that I could get drunk. Because trust me, one needed an alcoholic beverage after leaving that place.

12) My mother-in-law dropped off the organ she scored for Grace. Was just thrilled to discover that the stupid hunk of wood doesn't have a volume control knob on it. Fanfuckingtastic.


EE said...

Nice day! LOVE birthday parties like the one you attended! ;)

Seriously LOL at the organ w/ no volume control.......

I'm so mean, lol. Sorry

mama_tulip said...

I *so* feel your pain.

Dave bought Julia a mini-organ at a garage sale last year. No volume control. The thing sounds like a dying donkey; Julia *loves* it. It's been "broken" for several months now. God help me when the day comes that she figures out all she has to do is plug it in...there's no on/off switch, either.

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