Monday, September 05, 2005

Highlights and Observations of My Day (Sunday AND Monday)...

This is going to be a Double Day list since I bagged last night's blog in favor of some much needed sleep...

1) Steve and I decided at 2:30 PM yesterday that I needed to paint the family room before we loaded all of the toys back in. Since I was starting to get really aggrevated by the mountains of toys in our living room, I knew it had to be done right then.

2) Threw Grace in the car to go buy paint, having no clue what color I was going to get and figuring Grace could pick.

3) Grace picked a really dark burgandy, even though I tried to talk her into a dijon yellow color. Hey, I figured if she was going to cry about it, she must be really passionate about her color decision.

4) Came home to find my sister and her husband here. All fine and dandy except I really wanted to get started on the painting.

5) They left two hours later with Grace (thank you god), and I started painting. By now it was 6:30, and Hannah wanted to "help me." *sigh* (Surprisingly, she did rather well.)

6) While absorbed in painting (Steve wasn't here.), I hear Hannah say, "Mommy, this is gross! Look at my poopy!" and found her in the middle of the living room with her diaper removed and her poop covered butt just blowing in the wind. Dammit to hell...

7) Finished painting around 9:00 and put Hannah to bed.

8) Crashed. Hard.

9) 6:30 AM this morning brought the second coat of paint on the walls. While moving the ladder, I knocked over a lamp, breaking it in a bazillion pieces, and one of those pieces sheared my ankle. Lovely way to start the day.

10) Grace came home from my sister's and wanted to "help" paint too. I now had a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old messing around with dark burgandy paint in a room with hardwood floors. Sweet! (Steve wasn't here.)

11) Tried to continue painting while the 2-year-old whined, cried, begged to be held, and had meltdowns every 5 minutes. (Steve wasn't here.)

12) Contemplated painting her mouth shut, but figured there are laws against that or something. (Thought, "Hmmmm... Steve isn't here. No one would ever have to know...)

13) Considered running away at one point, but didn't feel like packing so I just stayed. (Not to mention that Steve wasn't here to parent the children I'd be leaving behind.)

14) Finished painting the room this afternoon. (Steve wasn't here.)

15) Began wet mopping the foors for the one hundredth billion time to try to get the goddamned plaster dust off of it. (Steve wasn't here.)

16) Watched my husband drive off with the neighbor to go pan for gold in a local stream. (I'm not kidding. Fucking freaks.)

17) Loaded the toys back into the playroom, much to the delight of the children. (Steve wasn't here.)

18) Got in a tiff with Steve because I thought he ate the other half of my t-bone steak, when in reality, I had already eaten it like the friggin' pig I am. Um, oops. (Steve was here for this...)

19) Realized that the white-walled living room now looks really bland next to the cozy burgandy family room and that I should probably paint the living room.

20) Reminded myself how much I hate painting and decided the white/burgandy contrast is actually very trendy and I should really keep it that way.


Anonymous said...

I think the Dijon Mustard color could really work in the livingroom. Then again I am not the one who would have to paint it. Maybe Steve should be there for this one?

Alien said...

Well howdy, Ms. Anonymous. ;)

Eh. I can't really bitch (although I do). He spent two full days gutting the room and all sorts of other constuction-type things. Painting it was the least I could do. And truthfully, it wouldn't have been bad without the kids here. I just had WAY too much going on to successfully multi-task... ;)

mama_tulip said...

Panning for gold? Was he doing this all day, while you were having such fun and frolic at home?

Mary said...

So did he atleast find some fucking gold!??! To pay for the paint atleast?

We didn't do anything, except Tom spent almost 5 hours searching for our dog :( So he barely got to see the kids today either.

Melissa said...

Panning for gold? LMAO. I heart Steve.

EE said...

I LOVE when I get stuck doing shit while Doug gets to be gone the whole time. That's *so* much fun for me. LOL ;)

I bet the playroom looks awesome. You rock!

Alien said...

OMG! You guys are freakin' killing me! You're all like, "Kick Steve's ass, that rat bastard!" PIMFP!

It's OK though. Really. He worked for 2 solid days straight on the room from 8:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night. And yesterday, when he wasn't here, he was doing stuff like grocery shopping, running errands, etc. He didn't go "panning for gold" until 4:00, and at that point, all that was left to do was bring the toys back into the room.

He's still in good graces here. Honest. ;) (I only mentioned him not being here for comedic purposes. ;)

Alien said...

And Mary, yes he did pay for the paint. ;)

Janet said...

I am impressed that you can paint a room that quickly and with a toddler running around! Love the color! It looks great!

Renfield said...

Panning for gold?? PIMFP!!! Doesn't squirrel season start soon or something??

That room looks really nice. I'll bet with the furniture and decor you have in your living room the white walls are an afterthought =)

Anonymous said...

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