Thursday, September 29, 2005

Highlights of the Day (9.29.2005)

1) Sent both girls off to school again.

2) Told myself I had to get actual work (for my job) done today.

3) Finally went through the mountains of clothing piled in the bottom of Grace's closet.

4) Became depressed when I saw how little clothing she actually has for the upcoming fall/winter season.

5) (Thankfully) saw Salinger showing signs of constipation again this morning and penned him upstairs with his litterbox before he could piss on random beds (like Steve's). Yay me.

6) Ran to the grocery store at 8:30 this morning to grab my Vanilla Cinnamon creamer. One's day is never good without coffee that's to her liking first thing in the morning.

7) Grabbed another bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit from McDonald's. Ya know... since it's right there in the same parking lot and all. (Shut up.)

8) Talked to our kitchen guy today and we're really rolling along now. Cabinets should be ordered in the next week or two, which means he can schedule us for installation, which means Steve HAS to have everything ready by that particular date.

9) Outright told the kitchen guy that he and I are going to schedule it ASAP whether Steve likes it or not. He was more than willing to help me out. Good guy, that Randy. ;)

10) Was reminded (by Steve) that buck hunting season will occupy him for 2.5 weeks in November/December, and that kitchen progress will slow (or stop) during that time. Uh huh. Sure it will. You just keep telling yourself that, Stevie Boy.

11) Ate Chef Boyardi mini shells with meatballs for the third meal in a row. I love those things.

12) Wondered if fruit punch "spoils". Because the stuff I just drank now that's been in the fridge for a week or two was nasty.

13) Was amused when Steve outright forced my father-in-law to open the Snapple that we gave him before he left so that Steve could see what trivia was on the cap.

14) Forgot to wash out my crockpot from the other night. Again. [sigh]

15) Was pleased that it's cold enough tonight for me to wear my Old Navy velour pajama pants for the first time this year. YAHOO!!!


EE said...

I don't think I can read your blog first thing in the morning anymore, all that talk about Chef Boyardi, Salinger being constipated, spoiled fruit punch....all in the same entry. I'm a little quesy, LMAO!!! ;)

LOL at Steve *thinking* there would be a delay while he goes buck hunting.

Janet said...

So did you get any actual work done? LOL

Alien said...

No. Not really. LOL!

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