Friday, September 30, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Friday 9.30.2005)

1) Grace woke up this morning in a good mood. (Always a plus.)

2) Hannah woke up an hour later in an equally good mood. (Both of them? On the same day? Holy shit! Hell has frozen over!)

3) My bliss was erased 30 minutes later when Hannah had a tantrum about her wardrobe again and the fact that 60 degree weather really is too cold to wear a sleeveless button-down blouse. [sigh]

4) Wondered how much coffee I could consume in one morning before my heart palpatated so fast that I died.

5) Emailed my project manager and told her I wouldn't be around much today because I had "caught my husband's stomach bug". (Total lie.)

6) Made phone call to Kitchen Guy, inquiring about which appliances we need to order (and get measurements for) before we can order the cabinets.

7) Turns out it's all of them, which is fantastic because I could inform Steve that we will buying a refrigerator, stovetop, built-in oven, and built-in microwave this weekend. (ANY progress is a good thing as far as I'm concerned.)

8) Wondered how many times in one day a person can hear, "Is it time to go to gymnastics yet?" from their 4-year-old before their head explodes.

9) Enjoyed a wonderful outdoor lunch with Grace of ham & cheese sandwiches and Snapples as Hannah napped.

10) Took mother-in-law along to Grace's gymnastics class and realized that she really truly does know every single person on the face of the planet.

11) Had dinner of Chicken Selects with buffalo and ranch sauce bought by the mother-in-law upon leaving gymnastics class.

12) Decided that I need to take mother-in-law to gymnastics class with us more often. Like every week or something.

13) Laughed my ass off when my mother-in-law dumped a can of Campbell's chicken pot pie soup in a bowl and nuked it in the microwave and tried to pass it off to her husband as take out soup we got somewhere in town on our way home from McDonald's.

14) Laughed even harder when he only ate 4 spoonfuls and said it was the worst tasting crap he ever ate in his life.

15) Chugged a beer when Hannah decided (at 8:30 this evening) that she didn't want the bowl of cereal she had just asked me for, and tipped over her snack tray, sending the bowl of cereal across the room and onto the area rug in the living room.

16) Was even more annoyed that this was after a 10-minute tantrum because I had put her cereal in the purple bowl and not the green bowl... which matched her Winnie-the-Pooh spoon... which in turn, matched her Winnie-the-Pooh PJs. I finally relented and dumped it into the green bowl. Two minutes later, it was on the floor. Son of a bitch!!!!

17) Took the opportunity to again inform the girls that once we have a kitchen again, ALL food will be eaten at the island and not in the other various rooms in our home.

18) Was quite disappointed to find out that our town's "Oktoberfest", which is being held this weekend, isn't serving alcoholic beverages and that root beer is as close as I'm going to get to anything with the word "beer" in it. [sigh]


Denise said...

Root beer at Oktoberfest? That's just wrong!

EE said...

My thoughts exactly! Oktoberfest w/o beer?!?!?!? What is the world coming to! Wrong, very wrong.

I'm confused. You went to McD's...but the kids didn't eat at McD's, requiring cereal later???

I *heart* Chicken Selects. Their buffalo sauce rocks! ;)

Alien said...


Well see, it's Hannah we're talking about here. The one that eats like a bird. So yes, we BOUGHT her a Happy Meal w/ chicken nuggets. But she ate a few fries and one bite out of two nuggets. So before bed, I asked her if she was hungry, and she said yes and that she wanted cereal. Apparently, she lied. LOL!

EE said...

*snort* Haley lies ALL the time like that, lol.

Alien said...

And of course, you don't want to assume she's lying because god forbid they go to bed hungry. LOL! [sigh]

mama_tulip said...

I seriously cannot imagine an Oktoberfest celebration without beer steins. Lots of beer steins.

Janet said...

Hannah sounds like my Zachy. I sometimes think he requests things just to see if he can get them, he really doesn't want it!

How can there be an Oktoberfest without beer? I don't think the Germans would approve of that!

Janet said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
OpenMike said...

To add to that which has already been said -- an Oktoberfest without beer is a contradiction in terms. Apparently what your area is having is a "gay shindig." j/k

p.s. Thanks for the "hell" pic. :)

Alien said...

A gay shindig? Surely you jest. The close-minded, rednecks in my town would never support something like that. ;)

Perhaps it was sponsored by the local Mormon church?

Anonymous said...

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