Sunday, September 11, 2005

Highlights and Observations of My Day (Sunday)...

1) Woke up with a headache yet again. (Every friggin' month when AF is ending, I get one for a few days. I hate that bitch.)

2) Literally 30 mere minutes after we woke up, Grace was whining, crying, and begging to go somewhere and to see her cousin, Gunnar.

3) Over the course of about two hours, made about a billion phone calls to Grandma, Nana, and Aunt Jen, trying to find someone that either had a suggestion as to where to take Grace, wanted to take her themselves, or had some sort of plan for getting her together with Gunnar, along with 2 adults. (The two of them together requires more than one able-bodied adult. Trust me.)

4) Grandma called and said she wanted to hang out with Hannah, which was perfect, because then I could spend the day with Grace.

5) Took her to the World's Largest General Store, where we fed the goats (twice), walked around, shared a funnel cake and coke, and had a fantastic time.

6) Managed to get out of there buying only a gallon of milk, some honey for Steve (don't ask), and a 3-foot long candy gummy snake.

7) Grace decided the candy snake would make a much better toy than an edible treat, and ripped in two, gave Hannah half, named her half "Snakey", and carried it around all night.

8) She didn't understand when I told her she could not take Snakey in the bathtub with her.

9) She's sleeping with Snakey right now. The kid's not right...

10 Conversation with Grace, totally out of the blue:
Grace: "Hey Mom, why don't I have hair on my butt?"
Me [laughing]: "Um, only boys have hair on their butts."
Grace [pausing and then looking at me like I'm an idiot]: "Nuh uh. You do, and you're not a boy."
Me: "I do NOT!"
Grace: "Yes... You do."
[End of conversation.]

11) Checked my ass in the mirror 5 minutes later to make sure Grace doesn't know something that I don't.


Mary said...

So what was the outcome of the butt check???

Sounds like you ended up having a good day, despite the whiny start....

mama_tulip said...

I heart Grace.

Denise said...

LOL at the hairy butt conversation! I must move back to PA. A store that sells funnel cakes all year long! YUM! I'd be 300 lbs in no time.

TC said...

Well do you? Have hair on your butt that is.

Alien said...

Nope. No hair on my butt. :)

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. » » »