Sunday, June 01, 2008


Well, I just woke up to an amazingly gorgeous day. It's sunny, breezy, and warm. Ahhhh.... spring/summer is FINALLY here. I have no big plans for today (which is how I like it). I do have to take Hannah to the store to find her a swimsuit (long story), but other than that, I'm going to do some laundry, take more pictures, and just hang with the kids and Steve. Sweet.

So yesterday, Steve and I FINALLY bought a new grill. Ours was over 10 years old and on it's last leg... literally. I could barely cook on it anymore because the flames would shoot so high that food would be nice and crispy on the outside and raw on the inside. We NEED a grill. We use it all the time and all year long.

So we went and bought an awesome, macdaddy, stainless steel sucker. I was SOOOO excited to use it last night, I could barely wait. So I threw the chicken breasts on it and waited with bated breath.

After 10 minutes, I went to flip the chicken, and what do I discover? We had run out of propane. Son of a BITCH! LOL! So I finished up the chicken on the stovetop, feeling defeated. Sigh. So hopefully, Steve can get it filled today and we can try again tonight.

Last night, the girls went to my parents' for the night like usual and Steve and I did (get this) nothing. We didn't go out. We didn't go to the party we were supposed to. Nothing. It was awesome. We sat on our back porch, drinking some beer and talking. Ahhh...

So see, nothing exciting to blog about this morning. Sorry gang!

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