Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Day in the Life of Hannah

1. Wake up at Grandma’s and get all excited when she finds a bag of all of your mom and aunt’s old dance recital costume.

2. Change repeatedly until Mom picks you up.

3. Bring bag of aforementioned costumes home with you.

4. Put on favorite red costume and play outside in it.

Costume #1

5. Decide it isn’t working for you anymore and put on obnoxious green costume with weird “tail” thing in the back.

Costume #2

6. Decide it’s not the right choice either and put on yellow costume, complete with head feather.

Costume #3

Future Show Girl?

7. Go back to costume #1, but add one “glove” from the yellow costume. When mom says you look like Michael Jackson, you ask who that is and then start doing a dance and singing a song about “White Glove”.


Sing it girl!

8. Get bored with that and start doing weird things with a badminton racket.

Racket Fun?

Racket Fun 2?

And this, my friends, is a rather “normal” day for her. Tink, you sure you still want these kids if Steve murders me?


Chelle Y. said...

I used to do that thing with the badminton!!

She's so funny! Such a diva! Your girls could not be more opposite in personalities! Haha! No wonder why you still smoke! Just kidding!

geenalyn said...

lol she's hysterical..

and i'm not sure why, but i never pictured you as a person that had taken dance lol, but those costumes...HILARIOUS. A few remind me of early showgirl costumes

Susan's 365 said...

I heart Hannah!