Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I’m posting this picture of Steve, because right before I took it, he whipped off his shirt and said, “Now DON’T go showing this to people on the internet!” And then he flexed.

Stud Boy

The reason I’m going against his wishes? Well, because he’s trying to kill me. And I figure if he’s trying to kill me, the least I can do is embarrass him before I meet my maker. He’ll kill me for real if he ever finds out I posted this.

And yes, he works out. A lot. Every morning at 4 AM before he heads off to pour concrete for the day. So all you ladies that say blue-collar workers aren’t the marrying type, and that you want to marry a computer geek (like the ones I work with) that bring home the big bucks and supply your family with medical benefits, I want you to look at this photo and rethink your attitudes. Because, um, yeah. Murderer or not, my dude is HOT! ;)

And what’s even cooler is that most people don’t realize that hard as hell body hides under his shirt. Which is good for me. Because I know (and, well, now all of you do too) and I’d kind of like to keep it all to myself. For now anyway.


Tink said...

Can't talk, too busy drooling.

Farmer*swife said...

HOLY HOTNESS!!! Geeze Gal, you could make money selling tickets, LOL!

Ooooh, sell his photo...ooooohhhh, he could give work out lessons!

My DH is a farmer. He's a hottie with a farmer tan. He works hard, eats well, and isn't quite that defined, but he's a big'ol guy...

and I like it that way!

Happy Tuesday!!!!

Amber said...

Hey! Computer geeks can work out AND have health insurance. Ahem. lol

He is CUT! But I like his smile best.