Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Princesses, Rock Stars, and Whores! Oh my!

OK. First things first. To Mike, who commented earlier about my urge to take a crap on my walk home yesterday... First of all, I have no idea who you are. But that's cool. Because truthfully, 99% of the time, I end up liking strangers way more than I like the people I know. So it's all good. But I would like to clarify that my body is also trained to "need to crap as soon as I wake up." Unfortunately, my body is an over-achiever and does it several times every morning. And she does it in not-so-pleasant ways that are fast, furious, and offer no apologies. I thought that yesterday, she was done and I could go about my day. But apparently, all of that "exercise" and then the cigarette thrown in was enough to send her over the edge. But it's OK, because I stifled her urges until I arrived home.

So I want to thank you for your suggestion, but I'm afraid, I'm already following your "plan." I do appreciate your concern though. ;)

And for those of you offering hugs and kind words, I assure you that the entire episode was HILARIOUS. It is perfectly acceptable (and required) to laugh at me. Because honestly, once I got home, I laughed too. Only me, I swear...

Alrighty then... moving on.

Hannah's party was on Sunday afternoon, and was a HUGE success. The girls had sooo much fun! Each girl could pick a pet (stuffed animal) from the wall, as well as a shirt, collar, and purse to carry it in. Then it was time for the makeovers. Nails, eyes, lips and hair, plus an accessory of their choice (headset, headband, sunglasses, etc.). The girls were in heaven and I swear, it was a table of 5-year-olds going on 50. They talked, babbled, gossiped, and argued like they were a table of old ladies at bingo night at the local firehouse. It was hilarious.

Here's Hannah after her makeover. Cute, no?

Rock Star

Since Hannah was the birthday girl, they did her first, so once she was done, she had to wait for the others to finish. She was cool with that, but after awhile, I think she got a little tired of waiting and found a place to just sit down and wait. LOL!

Even Divas Must Rest

In the meantime, Grace was finishing up her makeover, and sporting her new shades.

Getting Glammed Up

Hannah had picked the headset/microphone as her accessory, but once she saw Grace's sunglasses, she needed a pair just like it. (This one is my favorite photo from the day.)

Don't Screw with Me

Seriously... don't EVER screw with this kid. It's just not worth it. Trust me on this one.

Anyway, eventually, all 7 girls were all glammed up and ready to go. So they cranked the music in the store, the girls lined up, and the employees helped lead them in singing and dancing to a Hannah Montana song.

Get Down Tonight

After that, there was nothing left to do except wish Hannah a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday!

So there you have it. A fantastic party with an adorable group of little girls. Everyone went home happy and excited to go to daycare the next day with their new pets and sporting their new hairstyles. It was just sooo cute. I highly recommend having a party there if you have a daughter and there's one in your area. I would've loved that sort of thing when I was a kid, and every guest there had an absolute blast. Girl power rules. :)

So I guess that's it. Tomorrow we'll discuss how I'm 100% sure Hannah will not grow up to be a lesbian. Not that I have a problem if she did. I couldn't care less about that stuff. However, based on tonight's bedtime conversation, I may have to worry about her becoming a total ho bag by her 10th birthday. Sigh. Seriously, I am sooooo screwed with that one. [shaking head]


hepmomto3 said...

PIMP! Looks like fun.

Farmer*swife said...

Great Sun Glasses! I wann-a-pair!

Great party! We don't have places like that around here. But, bein' crafty I make it up on my own.

Have seriously considered it as a business but then, I don't really like strangers all that much, LOL!