Monday, June 23, 2008

Look Everybody!

I’m still ALIVE!!!! WOOHOO!

Steve’s plan has failed (for now). I let him know (in so many words) that I was on to him. His face showed some panic at first, but then he collected himself and swore he loves me and that my thoughts are unfounded. And he told me that surely he wouldn’t want to harm me in any way. So (for now) I’m OK and forging ahead with life. But seriously, if, at any point, I seem to drop off the face of the earth, call the authorities. Because that means that rat bastard has succeeded and needs to be thrown in the slammer.

Oh, and if it does come down to that, I’d also like it to be known that I would like Tink and Hoop to get legal custody of my children. I have many, many friends that I think would raise my children in loving homes. But those families are all a bit too “normal.” I’d be at peace knowing Tink and Hoop would allow my children to be the freaks that they are, and would nurture their  uncontrollable need to be different. OK, so I’ve talked to Tink a grand total of one time on the phone. But in that brief, 10-minute conversation, I could tell she was a younger version of myself (but much cuter, funnier, and creative).

Granted, I haven’t asked Tink and Hoop if they’d do it. But I figure when they look into Grace’s deep, soulful brown eyes, and Hannah’s stunning, brilliant blue eyes, all filled with sadness, they won’t say no. So it’s all good. Tink, just don’t let Steve ever get them back. If that bastard is going to kill me, he doesn’t deserve our children. Hell, give them to your mom for all I care. Grace loves animals so she’d be in heaven. And Hannah does whatever Grace tells her to, so I don’t see any potential problems.


Grace had her birthday party this past weekend. She turns 7 this Saturday and she had a bowling party. It was a blast and the kids all had such a good time!

Happy 7th Birthday Baby!

Push it!

Little Retro Bowler

It was Hannah’s first time bowling ever, and she LOVED it! It’s funny because since last summer, she’s been wearing my brother’s old bowling shirt from when he was about six and bowled in a league. She LOVES that shirt and wears it all the time. When she found out Grace was having a bowling party, she practically burst with excitement because she’d have an excuse to wear Kyle’s bowling shirt. The funny thing? The party was at the SAME bowling alley that my brother bowled at, and it still has the same name. LOL! She thought she was so cool. Adorable kids I have, no?


And since I never posted photos of Hannah enjoying her birthday cake (and now feel guilty), here’s a few of her.

Mmmm... Birthday Cake

Happy 5th Sweetie!

We finally had cake for her right after her dance recital. She was supposed to be an elephant in the finale for the recital (which explains that odd gray makeup on her face). She was so excited to turn five! Too cute!


And check out what’s right outside our back door. Some baby robins in a nest! Granted, they aren’t even remotely “cute”, but it’s so cool to watch them in the nest with their beaks wide open, waiting for mom to come back with some nice juicy worms. :)

Baby Birds 2

Baby Birds 1


Shit. I think I just drank a little bug that flew into my beer, but that’s protein, right? Crap. Maybe it’s a poisonous one and it’s Part 2 of Steve’s plan. Shit. Tink, build that addition on your house. You’re gonna need it for all of my kids’ crap.


Quote of the Day:
If you haven't got charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.
--Bob Hope

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Tink said...

Sweet! Free kids, without all that messy labor stuff. ;)