Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bleeding Love Routine Performed by Chelsie and Mark

I have to say, this was probably one of my favorites from last night. So cool! I think I’m most impressed that Mark can dance like that with a freakin’ SUIT on! LOL!

BUT Joshua and Katee and Twitch and Kerrington are still my favorites. I LOVE that the hip-hoppers (Joshua and Twitch) come out and do AMAZING numbers in genres that aren’t even CLOSE to their own. Good stuff…

But THIS one, my friends, is the one I watch the most. And every time I watch it, I tear up a little because of the story behind it. The choreographers of this dance are a married couple with a handicapped daughter. She’s in a wheelchair and can’t walk or speak. They said the only time she “lights up” is when she sees people dance. So they created this dance entirely in honor of/for her. When Twitch cradles Kerrington in his arms towards the end of the dance, and rocks her back and forth, I freakin’ lose it. Sigh. And I think what has me most flabbergasted is that Twitch is normally a hip-hopper! Just amazing.

OK. Enough dance videos for today. I promise I’m done with those now. :)

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geenalyn said...

loved loved loved the bleeding love routine last night...thought it was absolutely fabulous.