Friday, June 06, 2008

One Night without Balls, Please

If I could wish for anything right now, it would be to NOT have to go to our town's baseball fields for a few days. We were there for the past 4 nights in a row for Grace's softball games and/or Hannah's T-ball games. My house is trashed, we're barely shoveling eating dinner before leaving, and the kids are all wound up when we get home and I can't get them to bed on time. Blech.

The truth is, I ENJOY watching the games. Hannah's are cute, and (without sounding too "braggy"), Grace kicks some serious ass at all things athletic. She's one of the best kids on the team and her coach told me last night that he's bumping her up already next year to the 9 and 10-year-old group (she turns 7 in three weeks). Awesome!

But HAVING to be there every night for a week straight kind of sucks, frankly. Thankfully, tonight we have NO games. Words cannot describe my relief. But I guarantee you that the kids will start whining they're bored 10 minutes after they both arrive home from school/daycare. I just can't win. LOL!


So I'm taking Grace to the doctor today. She's had poison ivy and (I think) Poison Sumac for a few days now. And it's all over both cheeks, on her nose, behind her ears, etc. It seems to keep spreading, so I'm taking her in to see if they can give her something to clear it up right away. She's handling it like a trooper, but it just LOOKS annoying, so I feel for her. LOL!


So I pulled out the ol' camera manual again yesterday to try to learn about some more of the advanced features. I decided to give manual focus a try, and I must say, I don't know if I'll ever go back to auto focus again (except in situations where there's no time to focus manually). I swear, my pictures are even sharper than they were before. I'm having a blast playing with my camera. :)

So I leave you with a few shots from Grace's softball game last night. In that close up of her, she's NOT sad. LOL! She was in the middle of playing and I yelled her name. She looked over, and that happened to be the expression on her face. LOL!

Catcher 2

Catcher Closeup

Hannah on Bleachers


Kelly said...

I love love love that shot of Hannah. And the missing tooth just tops it off!

ALLISON said...

Admit it though, Kelly. She looks a little evil, doesn't she? I'm telling you, that kid is like the little girl in the Exorcist. Cute as hell, but don't piss her off, or her head spins and green stuff spews out of her mouth. LOL!

Kelly said...

Oh I can definitely see the evil in her. I've got one just like it at home. Colby! Man when he gets mad it's like he's the Incrediable Hulk. You can see the transformation right in front of your eyes. It ain't pretty. LOL.

Cat Herder said...

I read your headline and my first thought was...


LOL! ;)