Monday, June 30, 2008

Holy crap!

I’m the mom of a 7-year-old. Now this amazes me for many, many reasons I won’t get into, but let’s just say that since I feel (and act) like a teenager half the time, the fact that I’m even OLD enough to have a 7-year-old is sort of odd to me. But anyway, my Gracie Girl turned 7 on Saturday!

We had a great day, spent with the entire family. She ended up getting sick overnight and was diagnosed with strep yesterday, but even that didn’t ruin her actual birthday, so it’s all good. I’ll post later about how we spent the day, but I wanted to throw up some of the pictures from the day. Isn’t she just stunning. :)

(Oh, and yes, Grace is that tan and the photo does not have an orange or red cast to it. Going to the public pool with her daycare class everyday tends to do that to you. Sooo jealous. LOL!)

Happy Girl

Looking Around

And here’s one of both girls. Yes, they’re really sisters, yes I realize they look nothing alike, and yes, they both have the same mom and dad. LOL!


And just to show you what kind of influence I have on my kids (unfortunately), check out this one of Grace. LOL! Ahhh… gotta love her. :)Birthday Freak

I also scrapped for the first time in about two months. Not that thrilled with it, but I kind of just wanted to get a layout out of the way so I could get back into my “groove.”



Chelle Y. said...

I love that last picture!

Happy Birthday, Grace!

Kelly said...

I love that picture of Grace. Happy Birthday girl!
And I've been working on a layout for two days and just can't seem to finish it. I am so out of it when it comes to scrapbooking.

Susan's 365 said...

Happy birthday Gracie Girl! I can't believe they're 7...where has the time gone? I too LOVE that last picture.

Kim said...

Awwww! I remember when Grace was itty bitty like the rest of them! Where did the time go?

Your girls are so cute! And I'm laughing because I don't think mine look anything alike either! But I swear that Maeve is OUR kid! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Saw this and thought of your two cutie pies....