Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - May 18, 2006

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13 Things I Do Daily Without Fail
(Whether it be because I have to or I want to...)

1. Have serious um, "digestive issues" for the first half of the day. (Shut up. You did so need to know that about me.)

2. Drink coffee (or I'm a bitch).

3. Smoke cigarettes (or I'm a bitch).

4. Drink beer (or I'm a bitch).

5. Mentally bitch slap people (especially if I haven't had my coffee, cigarettes, and beer).

6. Laundry. Goddamn effin' laundry.

7. Wish I'd win the lottery.

8. Get online.

9. Ignore at least one "Unknown Caller" phone call.

10. Lie.

11. Laugh (unless I haven't had my coffee, cigarettes, and beer)..

12. Pretend I'm a rock star (complete with cheesy facial expressions while singing into my pretend microphone).

13. Make fun of people (because I'm a bitch).

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Melissa said...

Hey, maybe #1 is because of #2, #3 and #4. I'm so flippin' wise.

#5 - #13 is pretty much my day too, except for #10. I don't lie everyday. Every other day maybe...but don't tell anybody who calls you asking if they should hire me. ;)

Sonya said...

You act like your such a bitch. I think you are a total sweetie from what I've seen of you at EE's blog.

Chelle Y. said...

We would so get along, Allison. My son had a field trip today at the Children's Discovery Museam. I swear every school in California was there too. I was a "bitch," because they were all driving me crazy! :o)

EE said...

You and I have soooo much in common.....LOL!

Amber said...

I MUST have coffee. MUST... and then I'm probably still gonna' be a bitch anyway! :)


Amber said...

Oh, and I wrote back to you on my "13" comments, but I'll tell you here, that I was ROLLING when Sawyer said that! I played it back on my TiVo, too, just to hear it again, and then asked Kory if it was really wrong that it turned me on so much. LOL!


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