Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Randomness... Part II

(Because I only have time for randomness this week.)

** Woke up this morning and decided that the girls would be going to daycare this morning, even though I had to drive them the 30 miles (one way) myself. It was best for their sanity, my sanity, and well, my job security.

** Shook my head and didn't know whether to laugh or put the girls up for adoption when the voices from the backseat discussed/sang/yelled about cow's pooping on people's heads, singing "Jingle Bells" (loudly) for 10 minute straight, practicing their turkey calls (loudly) for 5 minutes, and making farting noises (loudly) and laughing hysterically.

** Dropped them off and enjoyed my sweet, childless drive home with my Marlboro Lights, my Starbuck's coffee, and the Bodines blaring while I sang along. Ahhhh...

** Didn't even care when I got stuck behind a highway line painting truck for 15 miles of the drive.

** Fought the urge to swerve purposely onto the freshly painted lines and leave permanent tire tracks on the road.

** Booked Grace's birthday party for in July. We're having it at a really cool place where workers take charge of all children for an hour, taking them from "station" to "station" to jump on trampolines, rope swing and drop into a giant pit filled with foam blocks, play with them, etc. All while I sit on my fat ass and gossip with the other parents. Sweet, sweet bliss, I tell ya.

** Exchanged a few emails with my former co-worker (the one that submitted my resume at the company she now works for), and found out that the technical writer position they want to interview me for pays $12,000 more dollars than what I was making at my last job AND they're willing to work with me on working from home quite a bit. Let's just say that that made my decision of whether or not to interview A LOT easier. LOL! (I go in next Friday morning.)

** Picked the girls back up and couldn't stop laughing when on the way home, the girls were arguing over the last swigs of my Dr. Pepper and Grace was telling Hannah that they should share because that's the nice thing to do. Hannah's reply? While pointing at the words "Dr. Pepper" on the side of the bottle, said, "See? See what it says here? Read it. It says, 'We do not share.' Sorry Grace. I can't give it to you." L...M...F...A...O...

** Had a panic attack when I couldn't find the remote for our VCR, which meant I couldn't set it up to record "Lost" tonight while we watched "American Idol."

** Frantically searched for the instruction manual for our other VCR so I could record it using that one. The problem was that every other time I have tried recording on that one, I end up recording C-SPAN (no shit) and totally missing whatever show it was I wanted to watch.

** Performed a "test" using the possessed VCR and was confident I could actually record Lost.

** Almost shit my pants when Prince walked out onto the "American Idol" stage to perform. Dudes. I LOVE Prince!

** Almost shit my pants again when Clay Aiken walked out. I didn't even recognize him and had to have Steve tell me who he was. HOLY hair change, Batman! I'm digging it!!!

(No other American Idol talk tonight, so as not to ruin it for those in other time zones who have not yet watched the results show.)

** Just rewound my VCR tape and am about to go see if I did, indeed, record Lost, or if I'll be watching two hours of recorded C-Span this evening before bed. Peace out, my friends...


Melissa said...

That was so cool! Prince! I gasped when he walked out and the boys looked at me funny. And I am soooo glad he didn't do a cheesy duet with someone. LOL

Amber said...

LMAO at Hannah! I might have had to pull over.

Good luck on the cool job op!! That sounds so great! I hope you get it.


Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

Congrats on the interview--sounds fantastic! And LMAO about Hannah!

EE said...

So? Did you have to watch two hours of C-Span????

Prince was awesome!!!

LMAO at Hannah, that's too funny.

mama_tulip said...

*snort* LMAO at Hannah.

And of course, the one season I don't watch AI, Prince is on. I love Prince.

September said...

Up until now I didn't know anyone else who owned a Bodeans CD. I may have to break it out this morning in your honor, lol.

Belynda said...

Congrats on the awesome job interview! I know that has to be exciting!

I'm still so bummed with Chris not being a contender on AI that I just don't care. I am glad with who won...the other person is a freak.

Tink said...

Good luck with the interview. It sounds like a winner! Your girls crack me up. "We do not share." Such a nut. I want you to know I was going to make a comment about Cspan but evidently I can't spell it. Cpan Scpan Spanc. Jesus. It took me 5 tries to get the above right.

Susan said...

Sounds like a great job, good luck with the interview.

OMG, your description of your girls in the car sounds exactly like how my boys are.

Kimmykay said...

OMG, your girls are priceless. We have the same sharing issue with MY COKE! Hello! So I have to ask Charlotte if I can have a drink so I can give it to Georgia so I can have so PEACE in the dang van. LOL. Then Charlotte yells Georgia's fav phrase "Hey! No Fair!" LOL.

I about died when Prince came on. Jeff and I don't share the love. I go "Is that PRINCE?" He goes "if you mean that little short black dude in purple? Who else." and went back to reading the paper. sigh. LOL. So, did you see Lost?