Saturday, May 06, 2006

Grace had her first T-Ball game today. Oh my god, it was so much fun! Beyond the kids having fun, it was a blast to watch. The kids are absolutely adorable, and (unintentionally) hysterically funny.

I must say, Grace kicked ass. She was the second kid up to bat (following a boy) and she nailed the ball all the way to the fence. The other spectators gasped and I heard a lot of, "What a great hit!" and "Holy cow!" comments. That's right, folks. My girl can kick your boy's ass!Baaahaaahaaa!

She played third base for the first inning and did great. The third inning, she played first base. They don't keep score or have outs, so they have all the kids that get the ball in the outfield, automatically throw the ball to the first baseman (in an attempt to teach them the fundamentals of the game). My girl caught or stopped every single ball that her teammates threw to her on first. YAHOO! That's my girl!

Here are a few pictures...

The team lining up before the game. Grace is the third kid from the left, kind of in the back.
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Grace up to bat for the first time...

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Grace running to first base...
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Grace in her "Ready Stance" while playing third base...
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Grace making a stop as the first baseman...
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The teams congratulating each other at the end of the game...
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We got home from the game and headed right outside to play. After about an hour, the neighbor came over, saying her boyfriend (that also lives there) was turkey hunting and got lost in the woods. She wanted to know if I could call Steve on his cell phone and see if he could call Bill (the boyfriend) and talk him out. Oy. After an hour of phone calls (that no one answered) and a few that people did, I finally got ahold of Steve. Turns out the neighbor had stumbled upon another hunting buddy of theirs and got a ride back to his truck. Men are really weird. The things they consider "enjoyable" just don't make sense to me. [shaking head]


We eventually came back in the house, where I (by pure chance) spotted a friggin' tick in Grace's ear. It had already latched on and I had to use tweezers to pull the little fucker out. I was totally repulsed, totally freaked out, and I called Steve to tell him that something will be done to our yard because I'm at a point where I just flat out refuse to take the girls outside anymore. [shudder]

I've been (subconsciously) thinking my head itches since then.


My 15-year-old nephew has unknowingly ruined my sex life for the past three days. He's slept over since Thursday night (tonight included) because he and Steve get up at godawful hours to go turkey hunting (3:30 AM). And there's no way in hell I'm going to have sex upstairs while he's still awake downstairs, since I have no idea how much "squeakage" can be heard in the house when someone is doing the nasty. He's lucky I like him so much. ;)


Chelle Y. said...

Now, you have me stratching my head! :o) EEWWW!

Great pictures! I love baseball! Great about her kicking ass too! :o) Girls rock!

Pink Rocket said...

go grace! that's so fabulous!!

ugh! ticks! we have these weird over-sized sunflower seed looking bugs here (jerrett calls them stink bugs)...there was one on my bed last night!! ack! and at 2 a.m. jerrett is screaming 'cause one is crawling on his pillow!! double yuck!!

mama_tulip said...

I love the pic of Grace in her 'ready stance'. LOL!

And a tick? Eww! I've never seen one...I didn't know they 'latched on'.

Alien said...

Yeah, we get those stink bugs too. Gross!

And Katherine, yes, they latch on. They embed their heads in your skin and suck your blood. And it's HARD to pull them off. And you have to be careful or you'll pull their bodies off and still have their heads stuck in you. Ick! Ick! Ick! They mostly freak me out b/c the deer ticks carry Lyme Disease. So far, we've only seen other kinds on us, but I'm still freaked out.

I stopped at the store already this morning and grabbed bug repellant with more Deet in it. [sigh]

EE said...

OMG, how CUTE is she?!?!? Awesome. :)

We have huge tick issues here too, less so now that we moved down from the mtns, but ick. They totally repulse me. Gag.

Have you considered having sex in the bungelow??? Or behind a tree??? You're not being adventurous enough! ;) (lol)

Amber said...

Go-Grace-Go-Grace-Go-Grace(this would be where I am doing the Cabage-dance in your kick ass girls honor.;) )

Oh, man. I have TWO friends who caught Lime Disese from ticks. They are both out-doorsy camping types. (See, another good reason to be a couch potato). I would totally get your yard sprayed, or something, because it has been so hard on both of them! It's terrible. :(


Melissa said...

Grace is soooo coooool. LOL

I'm freaking out about ticks this year too.