Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary...

The girls and I planted flowers over the weekend. They were so cute and we had so much fun! Hannah kept throwing the flowers on top of the dirt in her pot, not burying the roots, and declaring herself "done". LOL! I had to go back when she wasn't looking and fix it.

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Of course, half of them will probably die because my children wouldn't listen to me. Half of the flowers are supposed to get full sun, and half are supposed to get partial shade. My darling girls, only concerned about the flowers' colors, kept mixing the two kinds up, so now I spend my days walking outside at random times and circulating the pots between the shade and the sun, so all of the little flowers are happy. Damn kids... [grumble grumble]


Moving on to more interesting things....

What the hell happened on American Idol last night? Holy shit! Color me shocked! Now, we all know I liked [insert name of booted off contestant]. I figured he'd be one of the final two. But I also realize that other people have different opinions than I do. It's all good. But how the HELL did Katharine get to stay and not [insert name of booted off contestant]? She forgot the words in her first song and she was not that good this week. I just hate when the person that most deserves to be leaving is told they're "safe" and some poor bastard who actually did well is given his walking papers. Stupid American voters...

[Tink, skip over the next paragraph, as I will be discussing "LOST" and don't want to ruin it for you...]

What about LOST? Good stuff, eh? So what do you all think is Michael's deal? Do you think he's actually one of the The Others? Or do you think he's being told by The Others that if he does this shit, he'll get Walt back? What's John's deal? I liked him much more when he wasn't so damn bitter all the time. Lighten up, dude. LOL! And I swear I thought I saw the actress that plays Libby in a Kay Jewelers commercial yesterday. Apparently, times get tough when you're bumped off a show. LOL! And um, Sawyer is HOT, dudes. Smokin' hot...

[OK Tink, you can come back now...]

And last but not least, Amazing Race. Thank... freakin'... god... Stupid whiney Barbie doll. Wahhh wahhhh wahhhhhh. Shut UP for the love of god!!!!!!!!!!! I can now say I hope the hippies win the race, but I won't be annoyed at all if one of the other teams wins instead. They're all good in their own way. It's gonna be good stuff next week, lemme tell ya...


Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

My kids want a palm tree. In Maryland. Since I have zero intention of heating the stupid thing in the winter, it's just not happening. Cactus, anyone?

Renfield said...

Look at you getting all green thumb and mommy-like! Pretty flowers! The girls look like they had a great time =)

OMG I am STUNNED at American Idol's results. I just looked at the page to see who got booted and am shocked (to say the least). I think I can safely skip the rest of the season because I just don't care enough about the people left.

LOST is awesome. Last night's wasn't as edge of your seat as the last few weeks have been, but I am intrigued and can't wait for next week's already.

Amazing Race ROCKED! Go Hippies!!!

Denise said...

My chant through AR last night "MoJo's gotta GO!" Yay! It worked!

Bummed about AI. Loved him. Think Ray took it harder though. He really liked him.

Lost was great! Poor John, so bummed that his "work" with the button didn't mean anything.

EE said...

Well...know that I know who got booted off AR...LOL! (I'm gonna watch it tonight)

[THUNK] You planted flowers?!?! When the hell did you become so...domesticated?! Snort! ;)

I agree w/ everything you said about AI AND Lost. I'm over Katherine. She has this over the top sexiness that she throws in everyone's face and it's sickening to me. She reminds me of a bad impersonator of Marilyn Monroe. Belch.

And Lost. I think Micheal is being told by the Others how to act. Being their pawn of sorts.

mama_tulip said...

Okay, I was shocked by AI's results (I read it on CNN this morning) and I don't watch the show.

I am so, so, so glad that Ray and Yolanda beat MoJo to the punch on AR. Good riddance. I'm so happy with who's in the top three.

And Lost. Right now I think Michael's been brainwashed by the Others. But I'm starting to wonder if he's being brainwashed by a camp of people who are saying they're the Others. I'm wondering if he stumbled upon another group of people living on the island -- the people who he said were dirty and slept in tents -- and they lead him to believe that they were the Others when in reality, they're not. KWIM? Dave listened to a podcast yesterday by the show's producers and they said by the season finale, the whole Walt storyline will be wrapped up.

Belynda said...

The girls look like they're having so much fun! You're such a good Mommy to fix everything when they're not looking. My mom would have told me I was doing it wrong! LOL

Tink said...

Aw. I love you. You put up disclaimers!

I jump for the remote every time a commercial for Lost comes on. Geesh. I should just get Tivo.

You're such a good Mommy- planting flowers with your girls! The only planting I did as a kid was in a HUGE garden for veggies. I'll be damned if the only thing that actually grew was Radishes. Who eats Radishes? Bleh.

Veronica said...

We were at dress recital and missed AI last night. When I found out who'd been booted, I seriously wanted to cry.

Amber said...

Awww. the girls look like they are diggin' the diggin'. I love the painted flower pots! What a good mom you are. ;)

Lost was good shiznit! I love what they are doing with John and Echo. Those writers rock.