Saturday, May 27, 2006

I'm Getting Pretty Good at This Random Thing...

... so let's give it another whirl. Random things from today:

** Grace had her T-ball game at 9:00 this morning. Yes, that's early, but since my damn kids wake up at 6:30 every effing morning, by the time 9:00 rolls around, it doesn't seem that early. (She kicked ass, like usual.)

** Took the heathens with me to WalMart, where I purchased a cool-as-shit wireless mouse, for my new cool-as-shit laptop. Life is sweet these days...

** During the trip, also purchased a tin containing four card games for kids, marbles, and pickup sticks.

** Came home to temperatures in the high 70's and lots and lots of sunshine.

** Taught the girls to play marbles (which I regretted 25,000,000 games into it this afternoon...).

** Managed to find the floor and seats of my car after digging through all of the paper, lollipop sticks, coats, underwear (the kids... not mine), T-shirts, baseball hats, half sucked on fruit snacks, wrappers, empty water bottles, books and toys that my children had dumped in there.

** Took a Shop Vac to the sucker.

** Decided it was warm enough to give my 5-year-old car it's fifth washing ever since I' bought it brand new. (I'm not kidding.)

** Laughed my ass off as tiny little Hannah purposely drenched big ol' Grace with the hose.

** Only killed about 15 caterpillars today (as compared to my usual 45 or so). I'm thinking they're starting to notice their friends' squished carcasses around our house and are alerting each other to the risk they run should they venture onto our porch, patio, swingset, or bench in the backyard. Mwaaaahaaahaaaa....

** Told Grace to get over it when she continually got sad every time Hannah stepped on another one of the little bastards, and silently chanted, "Go Hannah! Go Hannah!"

** Was told by Steve (when he arrived home from turkey hunting) that my father-in-law's girlfriend gave us a wireless router that her son had ordered but then never even opened because he left for the army. So now, I not only have a laptop and a wireless mouse, but also a wireless router. So I can blog ANYWHERE I want to, dammit!!!! Yeehaw!!!! (Steve forgot it at his dad's house though. Idiot.)

** Had Hannah in bed for the night by 7:00. (It's amazing what a skipped nap can do.)

** Didn't care that Grace was up a little later than usual, because she was over in our rental unit in the backyard with Steve and our nephew, so I enjoyed the sweet, sweet silence.

** Started seeing damn ants in the house. It happens every year. Every year it annoys the shit out of me. Must buy ant traps tomorrow.

** Decided that life really is sweeter when accompanied by Miller Lite. :)


EE said...

You and your caterpiller thing. Ewww...doesn't it bother you stepping on them?! LOL

Rock on Grace!

mama_tulip said...

We've got a wireless connection/router for our laptop too and it's awesome. I can surf the net in bed. I love that.

Renfield said...

Okay, I'm starting to get laptop envy! I think I NEED one for work next year, don't you??

Please have all insects - crawling or flying - taken care of before the pigroast, 'kay? Thanks =P

Gracie rocks! And go Hannah, getting big sister with the hose! LOL!

Amber said...

LOVE wireless. Totally great. Good for you!


Melissa said...

I wish we had caterpillers would be a whole lot better than some of the freakish bugs I've seen in my house. LOL

Chelle Y. said...

Ewww, I hate caterpillers!

My son has those tin box games. He loves playing "War" which is the longest game in history when you want it to end so he can go to bed! :o)

I threw all the "sticks" away, because I kept finding them all over the house! So far, he has not noticed! Hehehe

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