Tuesday, May 23, 2006


1. Insert a picture of yourself here: I've posted a few lately. Scroll down to find them if you're that interested. ;)

2. How important is the way you look to you? Eh. Not that important unless I'm going out in public. And even then, it's often an afterthought.

3. How self-conscious are you when it comes to your appearance? Not too much.

4. How tall/short are you? 5'4"

5. What color hair do you have? Brown (am I supposed to say "brunette" here to make it sound more exotic?)

6. How long is it? About to my shoulders.

7. What would you call your body shape? Ick. Hourglass.

8. Are you happy with it? Well, I'm not unhappy with it, but dropping a few pounds certainly wouldn't hurt. But I never actually like do anything about it. LOL!

9. How do you dress, and why? I try to stay somewhat "trendy" without like baring my (overweight) naval or anything. LOL! I like fitted tees, cargo pants and jeans, etc. Think Hollister and Aeropostale. Comfortable and casual.

10. How long ago did you start dressing this way? I'd say once I got out of college.

11. Do your friends dress similarly to you? Some yes. Some no. Online friends? Yes. In real life? No. They're much preppier than I am.

12. How is the way you dress reflective of your personality? Fun, laid back, and trying desperately to not look "mom-like". LOL!

13. What parts of your appearance do people compliment? My eyes and my natural curls.

14. What parts of your appearance do people insult? Do people actually insult other people's appearances to their faces? LOL! That's so rude. Um, I guess my beer gut? I dunno.


Chelle Y. said...

My mom would insult people to their faces, but people just think of it as her Thai "culture." She plays it off really well.

Amber said...

Why do you say "yuk" to an hour galss figure? That's good, right? And yes, you have such pretty eyes, I think! I keep thinking when we breed our children, they will have awesome eyes. LOL!


Alien said...

LOL Amber! I say "yuk" because although I like my fairly small waist, I'm not that fond of my fat ass and upper thighs. ROFL!

Amber said...

I would rather have a fat ass than my fat-ass tummy! YUK! LOL.


EE said...

"trying desperately to not look "mom-like"."...no shit me too, LMAO!

EE said...

Oh and Alien, you really do have a cute figure! ;)