Thursday, May 11, 2006


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1. Having to reboot my computer on a fairly regular basis because it's a 10-year-old, slow as syrup piece of shit that really just ought to be put out of its misery.

2. Not having sex for three days because my nephew was staying here so he could go turkey hunting with Steve every morning. I'm usually not one to want sex that bad, but I guess when you know you can't have it, you want it.

3. The opposing T-Ball team at Grace's game the other night. Out of the 15 kids on the team, literally 10 of them just played in the dirt the entire time they were in the outfield. The stupid ass coaches put them ALL in the infield, standing right along the baselines, making it like an obstacle course for Grace and her teammates when they were trying to run the bases. Get a clue coaches... (Uh oh. I think I just became one of those parents. [sigh])

4. The constant picking up of toys. It... must... stop...

5. The persistant "Unknown Caller" that keeps calling here, about 25 times a day, at all hours. Dude, I don't know you. My Caller ID says so. And if you want me that bad, leave a damn message, OK?

6. Realizing I may have to pimp myself out in order to earn enough money this month to pay off all the crap that happens to all be due... car insurance, home owner's insurance, car inspection (which I believe will require new brakes and rear tires), etc. Anyone want to pay me to send you some naked pictures of myself? (I'm kidding. It really wouldn't be worth the money.)

7. Being informed that Grace was being particular "challenging" at daycare yesterday, resulting in a trip to the daycare owner's office (equivalent to getting sent to the principal's office). [sigh]

8. Realizing that my husband apparently thinks I'm twice the size I actually am. Thanks dude. I love you too.

9. Feeling completely, absolutely disorganized in my life, relating to home, family, and work. Must... get... organized...

10. Realizing that all of my favorite reality TV shows are ending this week and next. [sniff] What the hell am I going to do with my time at night? ACK!

11. Coming to the realization that Melissa always posts Thursday Thirteens about things that make her smile or that she's grateful for, and that I always post about the things that totally piss me off or make me want to maim people. I'm so bitter.

12. The icky ticks that seem to keep finding their way onto my family members.

13. Receiving umpteen invitations for events in June already. Birthday parties, weddings, graduation parties, baptisms, recitals, lunch dates, etc. People, I have my own events to host. Leave me alone, will ya? (Note to the rest of you... if you can avoid it, do NOT give birth to your children in June. There are just WAY too many other things always going on, making it virtually impossible to plan a birthday party that all friends and family members can attend.)

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Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

I feel your pain. Our next free weekend day is July 9. No shit.


EE said...

#2, that TOTALLY happens to me too, lol

#4 oh yeah

#10, I know, I'm already having withdrawls from some of them. :(

Alien said...

Kim, actually that's about where our schedule goes too. In just the four short weekends of June, we have Hannah & Grace's family birthday party, a golf tournament, a baptism and party almost 2 hours away), Father's Day, a wedding (which we're skipping), Grace's gymnastics recital (and dress rehearsal, and Grace's last T-Ball game. The first weekend in July will be some sort of 4th of July celebration somewhere, and then the weekend after that is Grace's bday party for her daycare friends. Seriously. Make it stop. Please.

Chelle Y. said...

My weekends have been crazy too. I use to love Saturdays so I could sleep in, not now.

I cannot wait to go on vacation this summer and do absolutely nothing, except hang out with Melissa!

Courtney said...

I can definitely relate to #4 and #9. As for #7, my 5-yr-old went through a phase a few months back where he would get "written up" at preschool and sent to the office for things like pulling down his pants and sticking his bare butt in other kids' faces. LOL! Yesterday my 18-month-old son had to be put in time out for fighting a 2-1/2 yr old kid! Oh my, he's starting early.

Thanks for visiting my today :)

Veronica said...

Isn't it crazy? Our weekends are pretty much booked thru August, between swim meets, birthdays, and vacation there's just no "down time".

Sonya said...

With a list like this you will be bald before we know it. LOL!

Mrs. Cranky Pants said...

My grandson is staying with right now and I've come to the conclusion that picking up toys NEVER EVER stops

Melissa said...

LOL @ #11. Maybe it's because I can't sum up all the things I'm pissed about in only #13 items.

#9, I'm so there with you. I hate that feeling.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

BRUTAL - so sorry you had such a bad week.

hope it gets better...

Denise said...

LOL! I had the same problem with May this year. We had a college graduation already, mother's day, soccer on Sunday's, my niece threw a monkey wrench in my plans by having her high school graduation party 2 weeks early (the weekend I wanted Ashton's party). I'm having it this weekend, I hate having it Mother's Day weekend.

Natsthename said...

No sex for three days? Honey, that's called a VACATION! ;)

Great 13!

Mine is here:

Alien said...

LOL Natalie! I know! I don't know WHY it bothered me, since normally I'd welcome the break. I'm telling you... it was a classic case of "We want what we can't have." LOL!

Amber said...

Great list. Made me laugh.

I know. Melissa is just so sweet and nice! HAAAAAHAHAHAHA!