Sunday, May 21, 2006


OK. This could quite possibly be the lamest thing I've ever done. I just sent this email (copy/pasted below) to a group of my friends (whom also seem to have had shitty days by the way) and then realized I was basically going to reiterate all the same stuff here. So I performed a good ol' Ctrl + C and Ctrl + P and here it is word for word. I hereby apologize to my friends (who are stuck reading my whining twice) and you other blog readers (for whom I didn't even attempt to be witty tonight.)

My day sucked. I now have a mom with such horrendous back pain, she (literally) can't stand up, and two kids (neither of whom napped today) that I swear were snorting coke at some point and who have absolutely NO regard for adults and discipline (at times).

Now let's throw in that my above-mentioned mom (who works at the girls' daycare) had already requested off work tomorrow to take my still-in-a-cast-and-can't-drive sister to her dentist appt. at 9:00 AM, then to her doctor to get a release form signed, and then to PayLess to turn in said release form, and then to the court house in the next town over at 2:00 (smack in the middle of Hannah's naptime) to take a test for some county job position. And that since my mom can't stand up, let alone sit and drive, the sister (that would be me) is now, by default, obligated to take her sibling all over creation throughout the day WITH her two children who are NOT going to be very happy campers.

And then (just for shits) let's throw in that my mom is seriously considering taking off work ALL week long to let her back heal (which I totally don't blame her for and completely understand). Because the daycare is over 30 minutes away, it's really not worth me taking them there, coming home, and then going back to get them in the afternoon. That means they'll be home all...week...long... Which wouldn't be so bad except I had plans for my two kid-free days this week including getting new tires put on my car before its inspection next week, painting our kitchen, etc. These things all now need to be postponed (tires really can't be) or done with the crack-snorting children in tow.

Oh yeah. And I have a HUGE deadline for May 31st, so in the midst of all of this, I also need to throw in 2 T-ball games, pictures for gymnastics (on a night she does NOT have class), a gymnastics class another night, and about 60 hours of actual work.

God. Help. Me.

If I don't blog much again this week, you know why. :(


Pink Rocket said...

whoa! sorry your day was, way to put chaotic??? and, in advance, sorry your day (err, tomorrow)was chaotic too!

Amber said...

((Allison)) I hope it goes much better than you thik it will. Good luck!


Scully said...

((((Alien))) This is exactly why I just blogged about needing to get myself a wife.

mama_tulip said...

Ouch, dude. (((you)))

Chelle Y. said...

Allison, I hope everything goes much more smoothly than you anticipate this week.

You actually made me tired just reading your post.

Mary said...

Oooh have fun! (not). (((HUGS)) I know you'll survive this week, you rock!

EE said...

(((Allison))) I hope you mother gets to feeling better.

You are missed when you are so busy. *hugs*

Tink said...

Hang in there!! I'm sending good vibes your way.

Anonymous said...

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