Monday, June 05, 2006

"The more things change,
the more they remain... insane."
- Michael Fry and T. Lewis

Ahhh, I'm slacking in the blogging department again. Sorry gang. It was a busy weekend. I had a deadline tonight that I spent most of the weekend working on whenever the kids were otherwise occupied or sleeping. I made the deadline though, so hooray for me. LOL!

I spent ALL flippin' day today cleaning, organizing, and purging things from the girls' playroom. Sweet jesus, these kids have way too damn many toys. I filled two large bags with stupid, little, crappy toys from places like McDonald's, Burger King, and goody bags from birthday parties. Those are going with my mom to the daycare where they break them out on days when the kids are bored with the usual toys in the room.

I also filled an entire garbage bag with actual garbage. Broken toys, toys with missing parts, and all sorts of other junky crap that I wouldn't feel right even donating to someone.

The trunk of my car contains three more garbage bags that need to be dropped off at the Salvation Army this week. I mean, really... how many stuffed animals does one child need? Of course, following Murphey's Law, bedtime rolled around and Grace went to pick her nightly bed buddy. Of course she asked for this ugly stuffed rabbit that I knew I had thrown in the bag to be donated. And of course it was pouring down rain and I got soaked running out to the car to retreive it from my trunk. And of course it was at the very bottom of the garbage bag of animals. [sigh] Dammit to hell.

But the playroom now looks a billion times better, all similar toys are in the same place, and you can actually walk in there. Of course, by tomorrow around 10:00 AM, they'll have it all trashed and mixed up again, but at least I could enjoy it for a few short hours tonight. Small victories matter too, ya know.


At one point today, the four of us made a trip to the World's Largest General Store (it's really called that) to try to pick some more paint samples so we can get this damn kitchen repainted before Hannah's birthday party on the 17th. I've come to the conclusion that Steve has to be colorblind, because some of the colors he was showing me were hideous. I mean, I'm all for bold color, but I really don't want to spend my days in an orange kitchen. And I don't mean a nice shade of orange. I'm talking pumpkin orange. Dude, are kidding me?

So we left there with 4 small "Paint Pods" (small containers of paint that give you enough to paint about 3 square feet of wall to test it out). I'm not particularly liking any of them (although I haven't actually put any on the wall yet), and we've come to the conclusion that we may just need to mix up our own color and then have it colormatched at the store. Yay (not).

And now, my friends, I am heading to bed, which is where I should be at this godawful hour of the day...


Mary said...

your days sounds like mine. minus the rockin' general store trip of course ;) I took 3 huge garbage bags full of little people and geotrax trains to my parents house. They will be given away once we have a chance to match up all the sets.

I filled a huge box with mainly old hotwheels sets as we always lose or break pieces. Jake is now asking 'where is that big white box mom?' because he KNOWS it was filled with toys ;)

enjoy your clean room, Jake and Clara already trashed theirs.....

EE said...

I'm really excited to see your kitchen, no matter what color the walls are painted!

Those stupid McD toys over run my Jeep, my house, my yard....LOL!

mama_tulip said...

There is nothing better than a good toy purge.

geenalyn said...

I LOVE toy purges....i get immense pleasure from it...i have a sad life lol

Amber said...

I so need to do that. Only with their clothes. I just don't even want to deal with it. Ugg.


Belynda said...

I think picking a color to paint a room is really tough!! My hubbie & I finally picked a color for the living room about 3 years ago. At first, I loved it, but now it makes me want to puke. LOL

Hope you guys can agree on a color for the kitchen!

Tink said...

"I'm all for bold color, but I really don't want to spend my days in an orange kitchen. And I don't mean a nice shade of orange. I'm talking pumpkin orange."

That's so funny! Hoop and I were walking through Walmart and he was pointing out orange towels and bedspreads he liked for the new house. They weren't just orange though (my least favorite color btw), they were NEON orange. It hurt to look at them!