Monday, June 26, 2006

Hey guys. I'm alive. Sorry (again) for sucking at the blog thing. It was a crazy, busy weekend. Grace had her dress-rehearsal and then her recital for gymnastics. Lemme tell you, sitting in a way overcrowded, hot as balls gym for four and a half hours watching kids flip and tumble is only fun for like the first half hour. LOL! But she did great and it was cute to see her "perform".

She also had her last t-ball game on Saturday morning. I'm bummed. She really liked it and I actually liked watching her play. Looks like we may be signing her up for soccer.

Steve got the floor moulding all made and put in the kitchen this weekend and it looks fabulous. Go Steve!

Other than that, there was just some house-cleaning going on. Sounds thrilling, no?

And now we're all here today, trapped inside due to the second day of continuous torrential downpours going on outside. Yay. [sigh]


Belynda said...

Sounds like a very busy & eventful weekend! Can't wait to see pics of the kitchen!

Chelle Y. said...

Yay for Grace! I bet she'll be great in soccer too!

EE said...

*whew* You didn't disappear on us. ;) LOL

I bet Grace rocks at soccer. C *loves* it!!!

Amber said...

Pictures! Hello?


Alien said...

Pictures of what?

I kind of, um, forgot to take my camera to Grace's recital. [sigh] I did take pics with my MIL's camera, but I don't have a cord to upload the pics onto my computer, so I have to wait until she emails them to me.

I suppose I could take some pictures of the kitchen. LOL! I was waiting until we got the lights installed in the ceiling, but they won't be in for at least another 2 to 2.5 weeks. I'll take some pics later and post 'em tonight. :)

Melissa said...

"Hot as balls." That's beautiful, man. Just beautiful. LMAO. I'm using that.

Janet said...

That soccer stuff is addicting- beware:-)

Anonymous said...

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