Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Kiddie Rides, My Ass...

So today was Hannah's 3rd birthday. (That's right... Mama Tulip and I gave birth to our gorgeous daughters on the same damn day. LOL!) Anyway, as a surprise, my mom got the brilliant idea to take the girls to a nearby amusement park for the day. It was perfect. Perfect weather, hardly any people, no standing in lines, etc.

But there were some things I learned throughout the course of the day...

1) Grace is going to be the death of me. She had me on every damn "adult" ride that she was tall enough to go on. And any "kiddie" ride that was even remotely wild, fast, or jerky, she made me go on about a billion times. I swear to god, if she had been allowed, she would've had me on the double upside down loop rollercoaster where your legs are dangling in mid-air. [sigh]

2) Hannah is a total wuss. If the ride didn't just go in a small circle, she was too afraid to go on it. Grace was so annoyed when Hannah wanted to go on the boring "baby rides" (Grace's words). I'm partly happy that she isn't as daring as her big sister, but at the same time, I wanted to tell her to grow a set of balls and have more fun. LOL!

3) Some poor girl puking in the bathroom stall next to you, onto the floor, while you try to get your two children out of their wet clothing for the ride home isn't fun.

But beyond all that, what the hell happened to normal "kiddie rides"? You know... the kind that Hannah likes. You get in a dorky car and go around and around and around in a circle. The ride doesn't jar you, bump you, go up and down, or do anything else even remotely entertaining. Now, "kiddie rides" are just one small step below adult rides. Grace had me on several "miniature" roller coasters today several times. Sweet jesus. I swear on all things holy, those rides weren't much tamer than the adult version. Sure, they're smaller. But they still whip you around, jerk your head around, and make your stomach come up in your throat. Everytime we were on one, I kept saying, "Grace, I'm gonna puke," as she laughed like a little psychopath. [sigh] I'm getting old...

Anyway, a few pictures...

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(Yes... both of my daughters have the same mother and father, so why they look so completely different from each other is beyond me...)

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Literally 5 seconds after telling Grace not to get too wet at the little splashpad b/c we were getting ready to leave, she did this. [sigh] LOL!

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My favorite picture of the day...

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And then we came home (exhausted), and we had cake for Hannah with the grandparents and my sister and her DH. (Ignore the "crown". Grace decided that Hannah should wear her birthday crown that she got last year on her birthday at daycare. LOL!)

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Scully said...

OMG I love them. LOL about Grace, she sounds just like Connor!

Pink Rocket said...

Hannah looks just like you and Grace looks like hubby! see it works! seriously they do!!

what fun you guys had! jerrett is currently obssesed with Roller COaster Tycoon but would no go on the little carnival rides...scared to death! he'd rather build them and laugh at the character who pukes.

happy birthday hannah!

mamatulip said...

Woo hoo! Happy Birthday to Hannah...I'm glad she had such a great day. Hannah reminds me of Julia; you wouldn't get her on an amusement park ride if you paid her.

Belynda said...

Happy birthday, Hannah!

Looks like the girls were having tons of fun...even if mom wasn't! LOL

Amber said...

How totally cute they are! And i think it is cool that one matches mom, and one matches dad! Perfect.

I hate those kind of rides. I'm with Hannah.

Is that a little patch of kitchen wall in the background, hmmmmm?


Susan said...

Sounds like a perfect day. Glad you all had fun.

Tink said...

Happy Birthday Hannah Banana!

I love the water pictures. :D

Alien said...

LOL Belynda! I really did have a good time. I was just so freakin' tired by the end of the day, that I just wanted to come home. And there was Grace, "C'mon mom! Just ONE more ride! The roller coaster! The one you said you wanted to throw up on..." [sigh]

LOL Amber! Why yes, yes it is. ;)

And thanks to everyone else for the birthday wishes and nice comments!

EE said...

See...classic example, I TOTALLY thought I commented here and uh, obviously, I didn't. LOL! Ugh...

I LOVED those pics. Esp the ones of Grace running through soaking herself, lol!