Thursday, June 08, 2006

I suck.

Sorry. No official Thursday Thirteen today. Because I suck. And I was busy and now I'm too tired to even think of a topic for one. So let's just review my day, shall we...

* Sent the girls off to daycare with my mom.

* Immediately jumped in my car (braless, hair uncombed, and still in my jammies) to follow Steve to the truck dealership so he could drop it off for repairs and inspection and I could bring him back home.

* Arrived home and was grateful I wasn't in a car accident considering my appearance.

* Began a hunt (with Steve) for any item in our household that we could take to the store and colormatch for the new paint in the kitchen.

* Literally held every CD case, hat, candle, dish, and other random objects up on the wall, trying to decide if it was the color we were looking for.

* Finally struck gold with the top of our Cinnamon scented bathroom spray can.

* Decided to make the trek to Home Depot, 30 miles away to use the Behr fancy schmancy color match machine.

* Wanted to shoot myself in the head when Steve and I stood in front of the paint chips display for a good hour, changing our mind back and forth and back and forth about whether we wanted to go with the solid color that the Behr fancy schmancy scanner thingy said our bathroom spray cap most closely resembled, or the Ralph Lauren faux finish suede paint. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, ASSWAD! I don't care anymore! [sigh]

* Finally picked one that I think we both love. I don't remember the name of it anymore though... Fox River? Foxtrot? Fox in the Hole? A Fox Smells His Own Hole? I don't remember. Something with a fox though.

* Told Steve I'd buy lunch since my stomach lining had started to digest itself.

* Went to Lonestar to pig out on Amarillo fries, salads, and steak, shrimp and mashed potatoes, all smothered in butter and garlic.

* Literally almost pissed myself laughing when Steve and I each ordered a bottle of Miller Lite and the waiter brought back a bucket of ice with 4 bottles in it... 2 opened and 2 not opened. Steve reaches for one of the unopened ones and the waiter is like, "No! No! Two are opened! If you want another one, open it and then we'll just charge you for it." The funny part was when the waiter walked away and Steve admitted that he thought the opened ones were empty and that they just "wanted to make it look like you'd been drinking." Um, why exactly would they want to do that? Seriously. Couldn't... stop... laughing... He is such an ass!

* Got home and had daytime sex with no laughter involved. (Yay me!)

* The girls arrived home and we all ran around getting ready for Grace's preschool/daycare "graduation" ceremony tonight.

* Actually got out the door on time, which is an accomplishment in itself. (We are always late, and it is always Steve's fault. Damn prissy dude who must have every hair in place and have all 4 earrings in. Gaywad.)

* Laughed my ass off during almost the entire graduation ceremony. (And yes, the girls are wearing the outfits made by the lovely Pink Rocket.)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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* Had the daycare owner kiddingly ask me (after the ceremony when Grace was running around acting like a damn crack kid), "Is that your daughter over there acting like a boy?" LOL! Why, yes. Yes it is. [sigh]

* Had to listen to Grace whine and cry ALL of the way home (30 minutes) because she was absolutely exhausted. She cried because her balloon was white, she didn't have a pillow, Hannah wouldn't share her crackers, she had a pretzel stuck in her throat, she didn't want to leave school, Hannah was too loud, I was too loud, Steve was too loud, Trevor's grandma gave him a surprise present after graduation and Grace's grandma didn't give her one, etc. I was seriously ready to beat the living tar out of her.

* Got both children to bed and immediately began shotgunning beer.

* Am NOT looking forward to the next two days of painting hell. I figure if I disappear from Steve's line of vision long enough, he'll forget I'm here and won't ask me to help him at all.


Amber said...

Oh, your girls are so pretty. And it is so cute how you and Steve each have a matching one! LOL. Was that a special order?


EE said...

Steve just totally cracks me up.......LMAO

I LOVE that pic of Hannah, the close up. Very cute. And congrats to Grace.

Have loads of fun painting. *snort*

Sonya said...

Congrats to Grace! The kids are gorgeous. Sounds like a productive day after all.

Blogger was smokin' crack yesterday so you may of not been able to post pics anyway. LOL!

Scully said...

I have paid a lot of $$ to get my hair the color of Hannahs, it's so beautiful! (Hannahs, not mine this time ;o) ((Hugs)) for enduring graduation and a day of painting. Painting is only fun for the first 10 minutes and then it SUCKS.