Monday, June 05, 2006

And self-celebration bites me in the ass...

Remember my post from yesterday where I congratulated myself for making my deadline? Um, yeah. I unknowingly lied. [sigh] So there's this huge document that another woman and I are both working on. The document is 8 sections, with each section being about 40 pages long. So I emailed my sections last night and was greeted this morning by an email asking if there was a section of mine missing. FUCK! Turns out when I got my new laptop last week (or whenever that was), I transferred my files but totally forgot to copy over one of my folders that contained the missing section. So last night, since I didn't see another folder/file on my computer, I thought I was done. Um yeah. I wasn't.

So I spent two and a half hours (the length of time I could get the girls not to be the living shit out of each other) first thing this morning throwing together a 40+ page document from scratch, and sent it with a promise to have a more complete version of it by tomorrow morning.

Except I spent the day taking care of the kids and then watched the season finale of "The Apprentice." And now I had too many beers and I'm too tired to think right, so it looks like I'll be freaking out in the morning and desperately revising the sucker while praying that Hannah will sit quietly and zone out in front of the TV. Nice.

But other than that little kink, the day wasn't bad. Went a few places with the girls this morning... ate a big fat steak for dinner... was beyond thrilled with the results of "The Apprentice"... so I guess I can't complain.

I do have to blog first thing in the morning about one of the girls' puzzles and how it just seems wrong that the deer has tits. I'll make sure to include a picture because I would truly like some other thoughts on what else those two little bumps could possibly be on that puzzle piece. LOL!


Pink Rocket said...

aww. sorry you thought you made your deadline but really didn't!

um...deer with tits? i gotta see this!

mama_tulip said...

I was THRILLED with the Apprentice too!

And can you include pictures in your deer-with-tits post?

Tink said...

"I do have to blog first thing in the morning about one of the girls' puzzles and how it just seems wrong that the deer has tits."

WHAT?! LMAO. Ok, I need pictures.

Sonya said...

LMAO! I got to see pics of the puzzle.

So do you think Shawn and Tammy are really that serious and getting married?

Chelle Y. said...

Everytime I read about you or someone else writing about your kids fighting, it makes me thankful I have just one! :o) But, I hear when they do get along, it's a wonderful sight.

Kim and I fought like your daughters when we were little. I tortured her, but now we are best friends. There's hope! :)

EE said...

I LOVED who won The Apprentice, that little fucker what's his face drove me batty. I would have been *pissed* if he had gotten it.

Sorry about missing your deadline on accident.