Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Only Two (and a Half) More Days…

That’s all I need to get through. Two and a half short days. Life’s been nuts here lately. So much going on. Tons to do. Deadlines. An infestation (I’ll go into that some other time). A trashed house. And all sorts of other stuff.

But on Thursday, in the early afternoon, two of my best friends will be flying into Philadelphia and heading to my house for 4 fun-filled days of drinking, girl talk, shopping, eating, taking pictures, installing and teaching Photoshop, and laughing. I cannot wait! We’re going to have so much fun! I’ve rounded up some local friends to help with the festivities drinking, and we’re going to have a blast! Bars… beer… food… shopping… naval piercings (well, I’m hoping anyway)… and laughing until we pee ourselves.

However, before then, I have to write a 1000+ topic online help system, head to the Lilly Pulitzer warehouse to take pictures for the infamous brochure at work, create the brochure, do some Photoshop stuff for friends, clean my house (seriously… it’s BAD right now), rid the home of the aforementioned infestation (which is proving to be rather tedious), and lose 10 pounds (just kidding). But somehow, some way, I’ll get it done. And if I don’t? Who cares. Because I’ll be having too much fun to care.

Tink, you wanna come too? Because we’d love to have you and you could certainly use a vacation. :) OK. That’s kind of short notice I guess, but it would be cool. LOL!

And because I’m a total geek (as if there was any doubt), I’m mostly excited about the photo ops. I love me some good photography, and I’m going to follow my friends around like it’s my job, snapping photos like a total dork and then making them look all cool in Photoshop. (Tracey and Emily, you’ve been warned.)

However, that does mean I probably won’t be around much from Thursday through Sunday, which, I’m sure, has you all already yearning for me before I’m even gone. I don’t blame you. I’d yearn too. (<--- Sarcasm.) I’ll try to pop in here in the mornings before my lovely guests wake up, so I can fill you in on what we’ve been doing and tell you all sorts of embarrassing things about them before they can get home to their home states to read them. But I’m not promising anything. (And even if I did, I’d break it. I suck like that.)

So let’s all put our hands together and pray I make it through the next 60 hours or so. Because once those girls pull into my driveway in their way cool rental car, everything else is getting pushed to the back burner. I won’t give a rat’s ass what my boss wants done, or if the toilet is clean enough or not, or which sheets are washed and which ones aren’t. Because once they pull in, I’m knocking one a 30-pack back and laughing until tears roll down my face. Because that’s what me and my girls do. :)

Responses to Yesterdays Comments…

* Chelle: I honestly don’t even remember seeing zebras. LOL!

* Mary: Hope you had fun at the zoo today!

* Beth: Hi girl! Email me! We need to catch up! :)

* Susan, Melly, and Kelly: My option of my SIL wanting to be “cool like me” was total sarcasm. I assume you realize this, but felt the need to clarify, just in case. LOL! If anything, she tries to be better than me (which, admittedly, isn’t that hard to achieve), which is why I was shocked by the camo.

* September: LOL about the pink camo! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that girl wear pink a day in my life now I’m thinking about it. However, I do think you hit the nail on the head when you said she could get “sucked into something themey.” That is sooo her! I can just picture her that morning… “Zoo… animals… hunting… camo… COOL!” LOL! All that was missing was the safari hat. But then she couldn’t have worn the visor, so I guess she wanted something in there that reflects her true personality. ;) Oh, but she DID tuck her shirt in, which is something I never, ever, ever do, but that she always, always, always does. So in her own way, she was more “her” than I originally thought. Interesting….

And OMG, I barely take that lens off my camera. Ever. I love that lens in ways no person should love an inanimate object. LOL!

Quote of the Day:
Speak in anger and you'll give the greatest speech you'll ever regret.


Kelly said...

I am so jealous! Of the friends coming to visit and the photo opps! Can't wait to see pictures. Ya'll are going to have so much fun.

Chelle Y. said...

My son came home from VBS today with a "homemade" visor he made for me. I was going to put it on and take a picture of it for you.

I actually laughed when he said, "Here Mommy, this is for you!" :)

Renfield said...

Um, this is me giving YOU a warning - if you publish any pictures of my fat ass I will kick your skinny one seven ways to Sunday. Got it? And if you plan on taking pictures of me I'm going to have to do my hair and makeup everyday - dammit! =P

I wish there was a way to make your readers drunk - I'm sure I look better through beer goggles ;) You may lose your following...

Mary said...

Have fun girlies! and Tracey we want to see pictures. You'll look great!

September said...

Have a wonderful girls' weekend--count me down in the jealous group, as well.

Allison said...

September! You're welcome to swing on by too if you want to! Seriously! LOL!

September said...

Oh, I wasn't trying to invite myself. *blush* More of a general envy (esp for those who got to leave their kids at home). Down a few for me, though.

Carrie said...

Have fun girls!! Someday I'll make it there for the infamous roast!

Tink said...

Pfft. You know I would love to be there. Don't tease me like that! ;)