Friday, July 11, 2008

Long Day.

Well, sort of. Today was just one of those days that seemed to fly by, and yet, also seemed to drag. I think it’s because I was extremely sort of lazy and didn’t do any most of the things I wanted to get done. Not that we all don’t deserve a day like that once in awhile, but I still end up feeling like a big piece of shit at the end of the day, along with stressed because now I’ll have twice as much to do tomorrow.

Oh! But I did manage to finish 2 layouts that were both already halfway done. So um, yeah. I guess that counts for something, right?

Love U

And before you call social services on me after seeing this next one, no, Grace is not that pale in real life. I ran a bleaching action on the photo because I wanted a dreamy sort of look.


But anyway, I digress…


I had a big, long blog post all written out in my head today.  Tonight, I was going to post the photos of my kids dressed as rock stars while drawing on their own stomachs with markers. (What? Is that weird?)

And then I was going to  talk about how I watched a FANTASTIC movie today and how it kept me riveted the entire time. But that if you don’t like violence, I can assure you, you won’t like this movie.


But if you don’t mind some guts, blood, and shooting people in the head, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.


After that, I was going to address the recent people that have been posting on Internet boards I frequent, here on the blog, out there in Internet Land, etc. asking about coming to the pig roast. Now although I’m 99.9% sure that 99.9% of you are very “normal” every day people, I just can’t chance it. I’ve always been very careful to not mention my last name here on the blog, not give the exact town I live in, etc.

For the most part, I’m pretty open and free online. It’s the honest to god truth that ALL of my very best girlfriends are people I’ve met online. I’ve emailed with them for years, talked to them on the phone, met most of them in person, etc. and they’re fantastic.

BUT, I’d be lying if I said I liked all of the people I’ve met through the Internet. My first glimpse into the world of Internet psychos was about 4 years ago, when a great “friend” of mine asked if she could fly up here from Florida to stay in our rental unit in our backyard so she could “clear her head” and make some decisions regarding her failing marriage.

Well, once she got here, she totally mooched off of me and Steve, started sleeping with one of Steve’s friends within 2 or 3 weeks of being here, stayed about 6 months longer than she originally said she would, never found a job, which means she never had money and continued the mooching, and then thankfully finally snuck out in the middle of the  night one night, leaving ALL of her photos of her 4-year-old son at the time. But hell, if she’s going to desert the kid, why not desert the photos too, right?

Anyway, after a threatening phone call and then email, I finally got $300 in cash mailed to me by her father to cover her electric bill, phone bill, etc. (which didn’t even come close to covering it all, but it was better than nothing).

My second run in with Internet deception was when a good friend at the time flew in with her husband to come to our pig roast. They did nothing but cause trouble, which resulted in the husband getting in a fist fight at the pig roast with one of Steve’s friends.

A few months after that, I came to realize that she wasn’t even remotely the person I thought she was and we haven’t spoken since. And I’m cool with that.

Now although I wouldn’t call either of these people “psycho,” I can say that my life would’ve been better off without ever having them in it. It also taught me that what you “see” online isn’t always an accurate depiction of the person in real life.

So although we’d love to have all of you at the pig roast theoretically, I just can’t tell you where it is. Because it’s at our house, and once you know where we live, all sorts of scary things could occur. And I can’t email any of you because then you’ll know my full name, and again, scary things could occur.

So please accept my sincere apology, but those of you asking about the pig roast that I don’t actually know are just going to have to enjoy the photos I post afterwards and pretend you were here. It’s truly nothing personal. I just can’t take that chance again.


Then I was going to blog about how there are many, many stupid nutjobs in the world and then offer up some proof. But that will have to wait for another day and another post.


And last, but most importantly, I wanted to ask for thoughts and prayers for a dear friend of mine. Tink lost her future brother-in-law, Nash,  in a fatal car accident last night after he left her and Hoop’s house. Obviously, I didn’t know Nash. But he was only 24, was a single dad to a 4-year-old boy, and was scheduled to interview for a job with a local sheriff’s department on Monday. I “met” Tink through this blog, and over the years, we’ve become good friends… commenting on each other’s blogs, emailing, and even talking on the phone. She’s an amazing spirit, and has always talked about her and Hoop’s family with nothing but pure love.

I’m sure the pain they’re feeling right now is indescribable and feels like it will never go away. But maybe, if we could all offer some prayers and positive thoughts for the entire family, we can help ease that pain just a little bit. I’ve been thinking about all of them since I read her blog earlier today and it changed my entire night. I played with my kids more… hugged and kissed them more… yelled way less… and just kept reminding myself that any of our lives can be snatched away from us in a split second. So hug your kids, kiss your spouses, tell your parents you love them, and offer up some prayers for those that have lost loved ones.


Quote of the Day:
None of you really has faith unless he desires for his neighbor what he desires for himself.
--Prophet Muhammad


Susan's 365 said...

Girls are gorgeous...great layouts.

Dang...I really wanted to come to the pigroast this year...hehehe. So, does the first person you mentioned that stayed at your place still live in town?

OMG, I'm so sorry to hear about Tink's future BIL. My heart goes out to them. I will post on her blog as well.

Allison said...

Susan, nope, doesn't live here anymore. Last I heard, she was back in Michigan, dating and living with some old guy that has kids almost as old as her. Lovely, no? LOL!

Farmer*swife said...

Totally understand about internet freaks. It's an unfortunate thing we have to deal with.

I'm heading straight to tink's blog awful. And, so close to the wedding...and the poor son....just awful.

geenalyn said...

i was at the pigroast and i was fun and not a freak lol...i think about stopping by each time we travel down the turnpike on the way to my parents house..but then i think you would think i was a freak LMAO

Allison said...

LOL Geena! You can stop by ANYTIME you want. God knows, WE don't go anywhere, so we're always here. LOL!

No calls necessary ahead of time. Just be prepared for a messy house and me looking like crap. If that doesn't bother you, swing on in! :)

Susan's 365 said...

Yep, lovely...NOT!

Agent M said...

"Now although I wouldn’t call either of these people 'psycho'" I would...and I have and I stand by it. LOL

Prayers for Tink and her boyfriend. It is so hard to lose a sibling, a part of you goes with him. :(

September said...

Dude, you *know* I'm really a fat bald naked man lookin' for some pork.

September said...

Shit. I just realized 30 seconds too late exactly how bad that sounded.

geenalyn said...

LMAO at September's comment

Allison said...

REAL nice, September! Turning this blog into a perv haven. Thanks. Thanks a lot. LMFAO!

Amber said...

First of all, the moocher and the fighter-- Holy shit. LMAO! It is always best to go through life asssssuming that evvveryone could be a crazyass, just to be safe, I have found. Works for me. ;)

And then, Tink/Nash-- So sad. Jeeze, that just SUCKS. My heart goes out to her sister. :(