Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Need Calgon.

Wow. I’m glad today is (for the most part) over. Just a crazy day, spent mostly in my car.

This morning, I got to go to the Lilly Pulitzer warehouse to take some photos for a brochure I’m developing for my company (LP is one of our clients) and it was pretty cool. I got some good shots and it was neat seeing the warehouse. But holy CRAP! We were walking through the warehouse and I saw boxes and boxes of LP shoes. Dudes, I glanced, and for a pair of sandals (with barely any raw materials what-so-ever) was $198.00!!!! Two hundred FREAKING dollars for a pair of sandals?!?! What… the… hell? Please tell me I’m not the only person out there that thinks that’s just insane! My god… There is no sandal on earth worth that much in my opinion.

But I quickly forgot about that since the rest of the day was a blur of driving, dinner, daycare pickup, some work, and cleaning. Why the cleaning you ask?


God bless Tracey and Emily, because both of their flights leave at god awful times tonight tomorrow morning. Then they’ll fly into the Philly airport, meet up, pick up their rental car, and drive the 90 minutes to my house. Around 1:30 PM or so (estimated time), they’ll be pulling in my driveway, ready to start 4 days of drinking, eating, laughing, talking, bitching, moaning, sharing secrets, hanging with friends, taking pictures, and just being stupid. (We all do stupid rather well… LOL!) I am sooo excited! I so need this right now that it’s not even funny.

However, my day tomorrow leading up to the magic hour of 1:30 is going to be hell. Last minute cleaning and picking things up, cleaning the bathrooms, washing the sheets on any beds they’ll be sleeping in, picking up the cigarette butts littering the stones next to my back door (relax people… there are only a few there), doing a quick wet Swiffer of the downstairs, and a quick vacuuming of the upstairs. Throw in a very quick trip to the grocery store to pick up each girl’s favorite flavor of coffee creamer and some crappy but oh-so-good non-organic snacks and I’ll be golden. Oh, and work. I need to work at some point tomorrow too before they get here.

Shit. Now that I just read all of that, maybe I should just run to the grocery store and do some cleaning now before I go to bed. LOL! And I should probably be in bed, since I foresee us all being up until the wee hours of the night the next few days. And yet, here I sit… blogging, drinking a beer, and freaking out thinking about all of the things I need to do tomorrow morning. Son of a…


Life in the Office

* Office Manager (Sandy) walks into my cubicle for something.

* She glances down at me, where I’m wearing a short, fitted skirt that falls to about mid-thigh when sitting down.

Sandy: Holy shit! You’re legs are beautiful!

Me (confused): Huh?

Sandy: Your legs. They’re gorgeous!

(This is where it’s painfully obvious that I don’t dress up much at the office. Ever.)

Me (slightly embarrassed): Shut up.

Sandy: No! For real! You have beautiful legs! (pause) Um, I’m not hitting on you.

Me: Shit.


I just found a little bug floating in my beer. Nice. Real nice.

Anyway, I really should head to bed. I’ll try to pop in over the next few days to post a photo or two and blog about the awesome freakin’ time I’m having with the girls, but I’m making no promises. Because I always break my promises anyway, so it would be pointless. Later….


September said...

So did you drink the beer anyway?

LotoFoto said...

You realize your pig roast has sorta morphed into an east coast Blogher convention, right?