Monday, July 14, 2008

Braids, braids, braids!

Yesterday, my mom took the girls to see the new American Girl Doll movie that’s out in the theatres. They were so excited to go! They even both took their American Girl Dolls with them and wanted me to braid all of their hair. LOL!

Grace and Julie

Hannah and Elizabeth

They ended up loving it, which is cool.

Later that night, Hannah decided she wanted tiny little braids all over her head. Um, great. Sigh. So I spent the next hour and a half putting braids in her hair for daycare today.

Rock Star

Rock Star - Back View

And then she decided she was a rock star.

Rock Star - Sort Of

Rock Star

That’s right folks… from sweet little girl with her doll to head-banging rock star in the span of 24 hours. Great.


Chelle Y. said...

I cannot wait to read about her teenage years! :)

I want to see that movie, but for some reason, Brendan won't go with me. (Thank, God! Haha, just kidding).

Susan's 365 said...

Chelle...I'm with you. I've heard it was really good, but somehow I don't think I'll be able to convince the boys to do with me.

Allison...girls are the braids.

September said...

Bronte went and saw the movie with my MIL when we were there over the 4th--I'm kinda bummed I missed it, though, because I heard it was really good.

That girl is *too* funny. I'd think you were exaggerating but I've seen her in action.

Kelly said...

I would love spend a day with your girls! I'm sure I'd LMAO all day.

Allison said...

September, you didn't see ANYTHING that night. Seriously. The child WILL be the death of me.

And Kelly, yes, YOU would laugh your ass off all day. Because she's not yours. And because you could just leave and know you won't be dealing with her forever. LOL!

Tink said...

That picture of Hannah looking at you over her shoulder is STUNNING.

*Low whistle*

Tell Steve he better start carving that ball bat. Leave room for all the names of the little boys he'll have to beat back. ;)