Monday, July 28, 2008

I did it!

OK. So Emily and Tracey flew in to visit me on Thursday, and just left yesterday. (Well, they left my house. Actually back to their own homes proved challenging for both of them, but that’s another story…)

Anyway, on Friday, the three of us and my friend, Rachelle, headed to Jim Thorpe to eat lunch, browse the old shops, and just get some good, quality friend time in.

Because I had mentioned it last week, they were determined to get my naval pierced. Well, we went past a tattoo shop that said “Piercings” on the front and there was no turning back. I don’t really think they would’ve given me a choice. LOL!

So in we went, I sucked it up (er, literally), and I got it pierced! The guy was pretty cool and I was probably the worst client ever. Not because I was scared, or freaking out, or anything like that. But because I wouldn’t shut up. And when you talk, your stomach moves. (Well, one my size does anyway.) And he had to keep shushing me while he tried to mark my stomach where the piercing should be, while he was trying to screw the little ball thing on, while he was trying to prep the area and then clean up afterwards. Oops. Sorry dude. He was funny about it though, so it’s all cool.

Anyway, I have a few photos. But Tracey (who took the pictures) couldn’t use a flash, so I had to do a little “doctoring” on these pictures. I actually have more photos than this, but I either look ridiculously large in them, or I’m making the dorkiest faces you’ve ever seen in your life. So this is it for now, my friends…

Here’s him trying to mark me. Please note my face. It’s painfully obvious I was talking during this one. He shushed me right after this was taken. LOL! (And Tracey, if you look at the original of this and start getting confused, the answer is yes… I absolutely, positively used the Liquify tool on this in Photoshop and pushed my lower stomach in a good 3 or 4 inches (at least). It was either that or not post the photo at all. LOL!)

Getting Marked

And here I am AS he’s shoving the rod into my poor clamped stomach. YOW!

And here we go!

It actually didn’t hurt that badly. It didn’t tickle or anything. But it was a few seconds of a lot of pressure, some pinching, and then we were done.

I just took these a few minutes ago. I was a little bummed because I really wanted a nice, pretty sparkly one, but my only choices were swirly plastic balls. So I picked pink. I can wait three months and change it myself, or go back to him in a month and he’ll change it for me.

Oh, and no, I don’t normally stand like this. But I had to use the timer on my camera and stand where I thought the focal distance would fall. That ended up being kind of close to the camera, so I had to sort of do a straddle and push my hip out so my belly button would be in line with the camera. LOL! (And no, I did not Photoshop my stomach in these two shots. Let’s just say I look WAY better from the front than from the side. LOL!)


I did it!

Anyway, I’ll blog later tonight with details of the girls’ visit! We had so much fun and I have lots of stories. But I REALLY need to go work and get some cleaning and laundry done. Later guys!


geenalyn said...

congrats on finally getting it done...i'm getting my 8th tattoo tonight and i can not wait!!

Kelly said...

Holy shit! How cool is that? What did Steve think? You should have gotten the tattoo too. Can't wait to hear about the exciting weekend and see pictures.

September said...

That's awesome. Congrats and you look fabulous!

Allison said...

Kelly, Steve likes it! He honestly doesn't give a crap what I do though, so... LOL!

I can't get a tattoo yet. I haven't decided what I want it to be. LOL!

Susan's 365 said...

Looks really cool. Glad you had a fun weekend, can't wait to hear all about it...and see photos of course.

Mary said...

looks great! Good thing you had friends to talk ya in to it!

Carrie said...

Looks fab, Allison! I've always loved belly rings, but if I got one done it would sorta get lost in my fat rolls! LOL! You are a rockin' hot mama!