Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I {heart} Aaron.

Aaron rules. Aaron is my hairdresser. I love Aaron. I’ve only been going to him for about a year now (which translates into about 3 haircuts… I’m soooo bad about keeping up with my hair), but he’s never failed me. Whether it’s cut, color, or both, the man freakin’ rules. He’s one of those hairdressers where you walk in, and when he asks what you want done, you shrug, say, “Whatever you want,” and let him just have at it.

He’s never given me a cut or color I didn’t like. And today was no different. I hadn’t been there in 2 months and my hair was seriously showing it. He slapped some blonde highlights on me and then shagged me out again with my cut. I just adore him. My hair is naturally pretty dark, so I always feel like a totally different person when I have it lightened up. Blondes DO have more fun, don’t they? Dammit. I knew it.

Anyway, here I am in all of my new ‘do glory.

The New 'Do

(Editors note: Please excuse the subject’s lack of any much makeup. As much as she knows she’d look better if she took the 5 seconds to slap on some mascara and lip gloss, she’s kind of lazy and avoids it at all cost.)

And this time (unlike ALL other times), I’ve already scheduled my next trim. The day before the pig roast at 10:00 AM. We figure he can trim it, blow my ‘fro hair out, and I can have it ready to go the next day for the party. That’s right, folks. I only wash my hair every other day. Sue me if it bothers you that much.

Anyway, he’s going to cut Steve’s shrub hair at 9:45 and then hook me up that morning. He said him and his partner are coming to the pig roast, so we figure I can show off his handiwork. LOL!

Anyway, I love that guy. So if you’re ever in PA and want me to hook you up, let me know. Seriously. The man has found his calling.


And on another note, this Saturday, the WHOLE family on Steve’s side is supposed to go to the Philadelphia Zoo. We get in free through my mother-in-law’s husband’s company, so we couldn’t really say no.

And part of me is looking forward to it. Not because of the animals (we all know how I feel about 4-legged critters)… not because of the fun the kids will have (although that’s part of it)… and not because I realize that if I’m not home all day, I won’t have to clean. Oh no. My excitement is because of my sister-in-law. Because, see, I know she’s going to wear “The Visor.” That oh-so-infamous visor.

It’s just a plain khaki visor that she wears a lot in the summer. Not when she’s golfing (when it would make sense… although she doesn’t golf, so…). Not when she’s at a garden party at the country club (where it’s part of the standard issued uniform). Oh no. She just wears it to random places. She wore it to Grace’s bowling party a few weeks ago, for example. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Because, despite the forecasts, there was no blaring sun beating down at us inside that bowling alley that day. I’m all for hats. I love my hats. They’re all good. But visors? Aren’t they for, like, old people and stuff?

So anyway, I know she’s going to wear it on Saturday. And then I’m going to take 385 random, unsuspecting photos of her while we’re there. Just so I have something to make fun of blog about that night, for all of you to enjoy right along with me.

Because in SIL’s case, we’ve moved beyond the funky/pathetically fake eyebrows, solid color polo shirts, and all things khaki, and moved onto “The Visor”. [shaking head] I just don’t get it…


But now it’s exactly midnight and I’m beat. I’ve been up until around 3:00 AM the past few nights, and then up for the day for good around 6:00 AM, so I REALLY need to make myself go to bed now. Peace out…


Kelly said...

I'm going to send you a picture of me wearing my white Masters visor. LOL. But of course I'll be 41 in a month so I guess I am old. And special. LMAO.

Kelly said...

Oh! BTW your hair looks really really good. Don't you just love it when you find someone that does your hair and you actually like it?

Allison said...

LOL at you having a visor. SHIT, I should've thought about the fact that someone else here might wear them. ROFL!

I think, in her case though, it's funny because it's HER. You have to know her and her personality to realize how funny it is. She doesn't wear it to things like boating on a lake (which is when I assume you wear yours), or at a backyard picnic. Nope. She wears hers to places like bowling parties. She wears it when she's "dressing up". Almost as if it's an accesory. If she wore it to NORMAL, outdoor functions, it would make sense. But she doesn't.

Seriously. She's a freak. LOL!

Kelly said...

Yes I wear it when playing out in the sun. But not often as I like the baseball hats better. But I would never wear my visor to a bowling alley. LOL. That's just weird.

HeatherTX said...

Love your hair!!! Very nice!

V-Grrrl said...

You look fine without makeup--especially rockin the great 'do.

Chelle Y. said...

Love it!

Susan's 365 said...

Love the new do! I too have a visor, but I only wear it when I'm in the pool and don't want to wear my sunglasses.

Tink said...

Pfft. You'd be hot even if you had a bowl cut. But your hair IS cute. I HAVE to lighten mine up. My natural hair color is the color of wet hair. I wish I was kidding. It's gross. Thank God for great hairdressers.