Thursday, January 31, 2008

So who needs legs anyway?

Ugh. Tomorrow, I fully expect to wake up and not be able to walk correctly. I'm going to look like some two-bit whore who had a good night with multiple men. I'm fully expecting to be miserable and sore.

Now, before you go getting all perverted on me, let me assure you that my comments have NOTHING what-so-ever to do with sex. At all.

No, my reasons for being sore aren't nearly as much fun as a wild romp in the hay. Nope. My reasons are because I'm a freakin' idiot.

See, last night, for some truly unknown reason (Was I drunk? I dunno, but it's possible), I told Steve I'd work out with him in the morning. Now those of you that know me know that I MUST have been drunk to say something like that. I'm the epitome of the non-exerciser. But last night, I was possessed by the devil and told Steve I'd do some weight training with him today. Once I got both girls off to school, I had no choice but to follow through, or risk hearing shit about it for the rest of the day week year my life.

Then it FINALLY began. Yes, folks... the gutting of the sunroom is officially underway.

And so it begins...

While Steve worked on that, I worked on the rest of the house, carrying things up two flights of steps to the attic (repeatedly), carrying toys down into the basement (repeatedly), and general picking stuff up. So my legs got a workout that way too.

Then the girls got home from school and wanted to "help" Steve in the sunroom, so they did that for a few hours.

Daddy's Helper

Little Worker


Little Helper 2

And then, because I hadn't inflicted enough pain on myself, Steve and I did some yoga using a yoga tape I had dug out of the attic.

So like I said, who needs legs anyway? Ugh.


Susan's 365 said...

If it weren't for the pictures you posted I would have checked to make sure I was reading the right blog...LOL. Hope the pain isn't too bad.

Mary said...

awww couple's yoga, so cute LOL

that's good you guys are working out together! Even tho you're gonna be hurting, don't skip more than 1 or 2 days working out or you'll start the cycle all voer again!

Chelle Y. said...

Yeah, I get by on my scooter most of the time anyway. Legs are just a bother! Haha!

Anonymous said...

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Kim said...

OMG! The thought of you two doing yoga makes me laugh!

I wish I had your energy and motivation to do some cool house stuff. You people are always on the ball!

Tink said...

You did Yoga afterward?! Lol. You are such a glutton for punishment.