Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Son of a BITCH, I'm cold.

I had a whole mental list of things for my highlights today, but around 7 PM, our power went out. Just shut off.

So around 7:45 PM, we all loaded into the car. The girls, because I wanted them to sleep somewhere warm (it's 8-degrees outside right now), and Steve & I because we didn't want to miss Prison Break. LOL! So we drove to my parents' house, where the girls stayed for the night, and Steve & I headed home around 10:00 because the toll-free number of the electric company was estimating our power would return around 10:30.

Well, the power just turned back on (at 1:00 AM) and it's effin' COLD in the house. 57 degrees to be exact, according to our little digital indoor/outdoor thermometer. Holy CRAP am I cold.

So anyway, I'm afraid the highlights of today are going to have to wait until tomorrow. But throughout the day, Steve and I couldn't stop laughing. Let's see... as a preview for tomorrow's post about today, you'll hear how Steve REALLY needs to get over the fact that it isn't Christmas anymore, the reasons Steve & I won't be winning any parenting awards anytime soon, how we're both basically IDIOTS and spent 45 minutes looking for something that was useless to us anyway (a total Duh! moment), and how we almost slid into my dad's car with our car, which I can assure you, would NOT have been a good thing. Oy. LOL!

More tomorrow my friends. I need to go find someone with good body heat right now. Brrrr....

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Chelle Y. said...

Man, and I thought it was cold here! We sure are spoiled in California! When it is in the 50's we are complaining. It's raining, wet, and cold here too, but I guess not anything like it is on that side of the country! :)