Monday, January 07, 2008

Another long one...

So tell me... how does one go from blogging once a week, to rambling on a daily basis. Weird.

Anyway, today was crazy warm. And I use the term "warm" relatively. It was all of 12-degrees last week. Today, it was almost 60. To people who live in warmer states, 60-degrees would have them all bundled up in winter coats and scarves. For us Northeasterners, 60-degrees has some of us outside in short sleeves, or (in my case) in just a hoodie. It was too warm not to take advantage of it, so while Steve was at work and Grace was at school, Hannah & I spent the entire day outside playing. It was awesome! And it prompted my photo for Project 365.



Speaking of Project 365, I've been working on something for the past week. I decided that it would be really cool for me to put together a scrapbook of all of my photos for the project. I just think it will be awesome to look back next year (or any year after that), and on any given day, know what I did exactly one year earlier just by looking at my photo for the Project that day. Like, next year on January 5th, I'll know that one year before, I watched the Steelers lose the playoff game by one point (which totally sucked). And on January 6th, I'll know that one year earlier, it was fairly warm for us around here and Steve pegged Grace with a snowball. LOL! I also think it would be the kind of thing that my kids would think was pretty cool when they're grown up and I'm like, dead or something. LOL!

So anyway, I've decided to have 12 pages that have all of the photos from each month, and then 52 pages that have a week's worth of photos on them, complete with short blurbs that explain why I took the photo, or what the photo is, etc. This is what I've come up with.

This will be the monthly pages. Nothing fancy. Just each photo from each day on one page. (It will look much cooler once all of the squares are filled in. LOL!)

365_Jan_Month copy

This will be the weekly pages. On each page, I'll switch out the backgrounds and move the frames around a bit. And I might vary the things I list like "Favorite Photo This Week", "Most Memorable Moment" etc. to be other things. And I'll add some more other scrapbooking stuff here and there, but for the most part, here's what they'll look like. I'm excited to see it when it's all done. :)


If any digital scrapbookers out there want that first template (the monthly one), let me know. I created that from scratch and even made the numbered stickers, so I can send it to you if you want it. Just comment or email me (if you have my email) and I'll send it off. I'd offer up the weekly one too, but I made that using stuff I purchased from designers, so I'm afraid you're on your own on that one.


Let's see... what else? Oh, does ANYONE else that reads this blog watch "October Roads?" If not, you should. Best. Show. Ever. Like, for real. OK. So maybe not ever, but close. It's a REALLY good show and I need someone else who watches it to discuss it with me on Tuesday mornings after they watched it the night before. Please? Pretty please? Tonight, I cried (when Ikey pleaded his case) and then LMAO (when the guys karaoked to "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" by Meatloaf). And as hot as Catalda is, I want to punch his effing face in every week. [sigh] PLEASE tell me someone else watches it. Please?


I have a 6-year-old up for adoption if anyone wants her. Just for a few days/weeks/months/or years. It depends on when she loses the attitude, starts listening to me when I tell her to do/not do something, and doesn't purposely try to get me so pissed off I'm ready to escape to an exotic island and not tell anyone where I am. If interested, contact me please. Once she returns to her normal sweet, sensitive self, I'd like her back. Thanks.


I'm giving a shout-out to Kelly, who was awarded Pink Ink Studio's "Photo of the Day" honor for one of her Project 365 photos. Kelly and I love Pink Ink Studios, and I know she's too humble to tell the world about it, so I am. Leave her some love AND check out Pink Ink. Their Flickr group is amazing to browse though and gives me tons of inspiration for my photographs. :)


I guess that's it for now. More tomorrow, my friends. :)


slh said...

October Road fan here. Love that show! One question...was Ray trying to steal the window contract from Nick and Eddie? I missed a few minutes cuz Seth couldn't fall asleep last night.

lindsey said...


I am a blog lurker and this is my first time commenting on your blog. I am just getting into digital scrapbooking and would love to have the monthly template, but I don't want to leave my email here for the whole world to see. Is there any other way I could contact you without having to leave my email?

ALLISON said...


I'll upload it to SendSpace tonight after my kids are sleeping and then I'll post the link on tonight's blog post, OK?


Amber said...

I love this idea. It looks super cute. And her EYES are soooo blue! Wow.


Lindsey said...

thanks allison, that would be great. I do hope one day I can become as talented at layouts as you are...I love your work.

Farmer*swife said...

A friend of mine shared a few days ago that I should check out your blog, that it was/is really good.

This being that she started an '08 Project 365 and when I saw it I found it so neat that "I" wanted to do one too!

So I did/am. Anyhow, she was right about your blog site. So, today I came in from a busy morning, threw soup in the micro and headed in to check: 1st, my email and my blog site to see if "I" had any posts...which, I didn't (, I think, if you are curious). 2nd, to check my friends site. 3rd, but most important -- to look for your latest. But, there was nuthin' new. So I read threw your old one's and laughed so hard! I'm so type A, everything following the line -- but, sometimes there is this voice in my head and she sounds a lot like you. Are you my alter ego? J/K Keep makin' us laugh!

Farmer*swife said...

I really should have proofed my last comment better; I do know grammar and the difference between through and threw.