Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Highlights of the Day 1.14.2008

*Woke up expecting to see an inch or two of snow on the ground (as per the weather forecasts last night).

* Was surprised (and relieved) to see nothing but a slight dusting on the ground.

* For the 8-billionth time in a row, waited until 7:30 to get Grace dressed and ready for school, when the bus arrives at 7:45.

* Realized I'll continue to do this every day my children have school and I've finally surrendered to the madness of those 15 minutes.

* Started searching online for jobs or projects with anything having to do with writing, editing, proofreading, or documentation.

* Laughed to myself that my "official" title can be anything from Technical Writer to Documentation Specialist to Document Analyst. People, I write stupid computer manuals that say "Enter your user name and password and click OK." There's nothing "special" or technical about that, my friends.

* Decided today was a good day to take Hannah back to the hospital to get her stitches removed.

* Showered and grudgingly flat-ironed my hair. (I LOVE my new haircut, but sometimes the whole straightening thing is a royal pain in the ass.)

* Convinced Hannah NOT to wear the T-shirt she had on. One weekend at my parents' house, my mom unearthed an old T-shirt I had as a kid with MY picture screen printed on the front. Remember those old kiosks in the mall where they'd take your picture and print that overly pixely photo of you on a shirt? Yeah. One of those. Hannah was wearing it. Not in public my sweet baby girl.

* Sat in the ER waiting to get ushered back to "Express Care" to get Hannah's stitches taken out.

* Was once again reminded of why I went 30 miles away to give birth to my children. Our local hospital sucks some serious ass.

* Was amused (and yet not surprised) by the family in the ER waiting room. Two teenage boys who were very "typical" teenage boys.

* Couldn't stop laughing when one of those boys proudly stood up and announced to the entire ER (actually, just the woman there he knew, but the waiting room's small) that the jeans he was wearing are girls' jeans -- size 1.

* My friends, this dude should NOT have been wearing a size 1. Sausage anyone?

* Thought to myself how his long hair and facial piercings kicked some serious ass, but how those jeans seriously had to go.

* FINALLY got called back to get Hannah's stitches out 2 hours after arriving, where she (once again) was a champ.

* Drove myself insane trying to figure out WHERE I know the doctor from. She's a young girl, about my age that also put her stitches in, and I KNOW I know her from somewhere, but can't pinpoint where.

* Got back home where I continued to search for jobs for the next 5 hours while Hannah watched TV, changed her clothing 25 times, changed her doll's clothing 26 times, and just chilled.

* Contacted every single ex-coworker/project manager/contact I know telling them I'm looking for work and urging them to keep me in mind if they hear of any open positions.

* Got Grace off the bus.

* Took Hannah to dance class (which is today's Project 365 photo).

Dance Class

* Arrived back home and made the girls some soup for dinner.

* Waited for Steve to finish his business paperwork before starting our dinner of chicken fajitas.

* Watched "Prison Break" with Steve. (YAHOO for Prison Break. LOVE that show!)

* Checked Tink's blog for the Golden Spork Awards announcements.

* Was thrilled to receive a "Savory" award.

* Proudly added my Spork Award to my sidebar over there on the left. (That's right folks... I'm a winner for 2 years running now. WOOHOO!)

* Remembered "October Road" was on tonight and got all sorts of giddy.

* Watched "October Road" while ingesting my nightly snack of Pringles and beer.

And here we are. Nothing very exciting or humorous for today's highlights. But I'd like to say that there are some new Planet Alien readers who have been commenting which RULES! I welcome each and every one of you and am thrilled you found me here. Keep it comin'!

I didn't forget about the template I promised for Project 365. I PROMISE I'll have a download link tomorrow. :)

Oh, and here's yesterday's Project 365 photo. I only posted it on my other blog, so I wanted to post it here too. :)

Bucket Buddies

And here is this week's scrapbook layout:

365_Jan_Weekly_2 copy


Chelle Y. said...

I love the photo of the two girls in the blue tub!

Kimmykay said...

I LOVE October Road. I missed it last night. boo=hoo.

I'm loving all your pictures.

Tink said...

A size 1? Ugh. I liked my guys with meat on them, even when I was young. Who wants to cuddle a bean pole?