Sunday, January 06, 2008


I don't really have much to say, surprisingly enough. LOL!  Steve and I were bummed (OK... pissed) that the Steelers lost their playoff game last night, but I will say that it was a kickass game! I LOVE games that have you glued to the TV until the final seconds because it could go either way.

Today was kind of a lazy day. The girls were at my mom's house until almost 2:00. And then as soon as they got home, we all went outside to get some fresh air. It's been around 12-degrees here the past week or so, so today when it hit 46, it felt like spring to us. So Steve took the girls for a walk/hike up in the field behind our house, where they both found "treasures" which consisted of some rocks, an old bike wheel, about 20 golf balls (hit into the field by Steve... Shhhh!), and they each found an animal bone. Lovely. LOL!

Then we just sort of ate dinner, sat around, and went to bed. LOL! I LOVE days like that.

Anyway, here's my photo for Day 6 of Project 365. Grace kept telling Steve she wanted to have a snowball fight (with what little snow is still on the ground), so Steve obliged. It was TOTAL luck that I snapped this photo right as the snowball hit her and exploded. Thankfully, she thought it was hilarious and kept asking for him to throw more. (Freak.)

Grace Gets Nailed with a Snowball

I'll be back tomorrow with a few layouts I've been working on. :)

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Tink said...

Action shot! There are moments that I wish we had snow. MOMENTS. Then they're gone and I don't have another for at least twelve months. ;)