Sunday, February 03, 2008

Project 365 Monthly Template

Here it is! FINALLY! LOL! I stripped out the stuff I had to and I finally have the template for those of you that want to download. It's the one that looks like this:

Project 365 - January 2008

Obviously, I stripped out my photos (LOL!) and I had to take the date stamp out too since that's made by another designer, but everything else is there, including the number stickers. The numbers 2 - 31 are flattened, but I left number 1 as a layered file (the background and then the number), in case you wanted to use a different font or change it or something. I'll post February's template a little later today.

Oh, and this is nothing fancy. Since I originally didn't think I'd be sharing this, I didn't bother making the layers different colors or anything, but everything's labeled in the layers palette, so you shouldn't have too much trouble.

So without further ado, the download link for January's template is here:

Download Template Here


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Chelle Y. said...

Cool! Thanks!