Sunday, January 20, 2008

Highlights of the Day... 1-19-2008

* Was awoken by Hannah at 6:30 AM yelling upstairs to me THREE TIMES in 5 minutes that she needed a drink of milk or she'd just die.

* Stumbled downstairs to find Steve sitting in the living room watching TV two feet from where Hannah had stood and yelled THREE TIMES to me.

* Explained to Hannah that her father if fully capable of pouring her a cup of milk, and that next time, perhaps she should ask the parent that's right there IN the room with her instead of the one who is on another floor of the house sleeping. What the hell?

* Wondered how it is that a man can totally block out a child. He honestly never heard her yelling upstairs to me to wake up and get her a drink. Son of a bitch, I want that man gene.

* Laughed when 15 minutes later, Hannah walked up to me and said, "Where's Daddy? Grace wants a drink of water." LOL! At least she listened to me, right?

* Cleaned up a little while the girls watched cartoons and Steve did business stuff.

* All left for Grace's second week of indoor soccer.

* Fell head over heels in love with the soccer instructor when he invited Hannah and another little girl to play too since "They were going to be there for an hour and kids should have fun and get exercise whenever they came."

* Got a little teary when I saw how thrilled Hannah was to be able to go out on the gym floor and play too.

* MIL and her DH were there too and asked if we all wanted to go to Pizza Hut for lunch when it was over. Sweet.

* Went to Pizza Hut and enjoyed some breadsticks and stuffed crust pizza. Mmmm...

* Was slightly giddy when the girls asked to go home with MIL for the day.

* Steve & I came home and started clearing some stuff out of the basement and going through shit that we have no business keeping anymore.

* Matched up about 100 pairs of kids shoes (literally) that have been in 5 large garbage bags in the basement for the past 5 years.

* Had a panic attack when I saw a car pull in the driveway with our cable company's logo on the side. Shit. Do I owe them that much in overdue payments?

* Breathed a sigh of relief when I started talking to him and realized he was a salesman dude, trying to sell "bundles" for the company of combined digital cable, telephone, and internet service.

* Told him how Steve and I were JUST talking yesterday about getting digital cable.

* Was giddy when I realized the deal would save me $50 a month.

* Told him I'd talk to Steve and get back to him.

* Walked inside and told Steve about it, to which he replied, "Why the hell didn't you just sign up?" Shit.

* Caught him coming out of the neighbor's house and yelled over to him to come back to our house and sign us up.

* Started filling out the paperwork.

* Made stupid comments and jokes while doing so, causing the kid to either think I was totally hilarious or a serious freak. (I couldn't tell which he thought.)

* Got excited during the paperwork while reading all of the cool new channels we'll have. I mean, who doesn't need The Military Channel, Horse Racing TV, Soap Net, The Gospel Music Channel, MTV Espanol, and Fit TV?

* Wanted to hug the kid when, in making small talk, he said he thought Steve and I were in our early 20's. Sweet, sweet boy. (We're in our early 30's by the way, and he'd already made the sale, so he wasn't trying to sweet talk us anymore.)

* Finished up the paperwork and sent the kid on his way.

* Showered up and got ready to go out.

* Picked up the girls at MIL's house and drove them out to my parents' house for the night.

* Headed to a local restaurant for dinner. (See post below.)

* Ate too much.

* Came home, where, like usual, Steve was sleeping by 9:00 and I was on the computer, uploading and playing with photos, and blogging.

* Realized 2 minutes ago that I really need to go to bed at a decent hour tonight. (It's already 12:30 AM, but recently, I'm never in bed before 2:30 or so.) Um, goodnight?

* Realized 2 seconds ago that I never posted yesterday's Project 365 photo on this blog. So here it is. Hannah being a rock star. Enjoy.

Party Like a Rock Star


Kimmykay said...

Don't you LOVE the selective hearing. Jeff is always saying "Just ignore them" like them saying Momma over and over and over and over again is something I want to hear cause they WON"T give up. sigh.

Kimmykay said...

oh, and I thought these were the highlights for today (Sunday) which I JUST woke up. I'm thinking what the heck is happening in her household that she already has highlights (although it can happen)

Anonymous said...

Can you upload or send a link to the monthly template that you use in digital scrapbooking? I'm just getting started and I need help lol!