Thursday, January 03, 2008

OK. I'm back.

The kids still aren't in bed yet, but they're occupied for the moment, so here I am. Let's get talking...

1) Steve worked yesterday for the first time in months (concrete work isn't always possible in the dead of winter), and called in his two employees. One of them is a total freak. Good guy. Served in the war for a few months, etc. But a freak. He takes pictures of the ODDEST things with his cell phone (you seriously don't want details), and is basically a male whore. Sleeps with strippers on a regular basis, has a lot of one-night stands, etc. So anyway, Steve gets home yesterday and tells me that the guy screwed some chick and the chick wanted to film it. So he whipped out his cell phone and proceeded to record their entire um, "session". Complete with close-ups. Of their "parts". Ewwwww! The Ew Factor mostly applies to the fact that he came to work and showed his boss and co-worker. Would you show your boss your um,"parts"? I think not. Truthfully, the whole thing totally cracks me up. More power to him, I guess. But every time I hear the song "Crazy Bitch" now, I think of Steve's employee. Having sex. Ick.

2) So it's been cold here the past few days. REALLY cold. Last night, around 10:00, I grabbed another beer from the back porch (we're rednecks like that who keep their alcohol cold outside in the winter), and it was half-frozen. Beer slushees really aren't very enjoyable. Anyway, someone in my family brought a 2-liter bottle of diet soda on Christmas. Steve and I don't drink diet soda, so it must've been either my sister or my mom. Since we don't drink it, we just had it sitting on the back porch to give to my sister the next time she swung by. Well, when it's 12 degrees outside, liquids tend to freeze. And when liquid freezes, it expands. Yeah. So around 8:00 this morning, I walked outside to smoke a cigarette and was greeted by an exploded bottle of soda all over the back patio and on part of the house. Sweet. Soda slushees anyone? LOL!

3) Grace got off the bus this afternoon all smiles. She proceeded to tell me she was chosen as "Student of the Month" this month in her class. She's so stinking proud of herself, and we're proud of her too. See? Even freaks like me can raise somewhat decent kids. And you all doubted me. ;)

4) Couch jumping! WOOHOO! I had to take my photo for Project 365 today. Last night, after everyone else was sleeping, I was on the computer and listening to my MP3 player. I was jamming out (quietly), and half dancing around whenever I had to stand up for some reason (like to pee or grab another beer slushee). I knew if it hadn't been 2:00 in the morning, and the other people in the house weren't sleeping, I would've done a whole "Risky Business" thing and just danced around the living room, jumping on things, playing air guitar, etc. (fully clothed however). So today, after everyone else left the house, I did just that and took my photo for the Project. I must say, it was kind of fun. LOL! It's always nice when as a mom, you can do the things you tell your own kids not to. WOOHOO! So here it is -- my photo for January 3, 2008. WHHEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

No Kids Today!


Di said...

I envy you, putting a photo up everyday. I wish I could commit, but alas I can not. It isn't that I am unable, just unwilling. I think it is because my husband always says "you never take any pictures", now it is a thing with me. There is always next year, right?

EmbracingKatrina said...

I am loving that picture! So fun and free!

Chelle Y. said...

Beer slushies? I love slushies, but I do not know about that one!

Hey, when I was in college we were not allowed to have refrigerators, so I used to put my drinks in the window sill to keep them cold (I went to school in Indiana). It works! :)

Tink said...

I LOVE that photo of you! I wish we lived closer. Have I said that enough yet? I'm seriously hating this not smoking thing. Secretly, I hope my Mom cracks so I can start up again guilt free. Isn't that shitty of me? LOL. Maybe I'll do a little couch jumping for stress relief this weekend.