Saturday, January 12, 2008

Quasi "Highlights of the Day"

OK. So (once again) I had every intention of doing this post in my old school "HOTD" format, but things never seem to work out the way I want them to. So this is going to be a shorter bulleted list. You'll still get the gist of the day, but it won't be nearly as funny as it would be if I wasn't ready to fall asleep. LOL!

* Sat and wondered what it feels like to have an anxiety attack. Because I truly believe I'm on the brink of one.

* Obsessively checked Tink's blog to see which Golden Spork Award I've been given. I'm hoping for the "Most Likely to Have an Anxiety Attack in the Next Week" one. Or perhaps the "Can Drink Most Grown Men Under the Table" one. Or, oooo, I know... maybe the "Girl With the Biggest Boobs" one. (Shut up. I can dream.)

* Got a phone call from Steve around 10:00 AM saying the alternator in his truck had taken a shit and that he wouldn't be home until he had it replaced (the job site was 45 minutes away).

* Was silently relieved he wouldn't be home soon. (I LOVE Steve, but I absolutely relish my days/moments when I'm in our home in the silence alone.)

* Visited every job website known to man looking for my next job or freelance project.

* Contemplated becoming a stripper or prostitute to make some cash.

* Realized I wouldn't make any cash doing those things and continued scouring the job websites.

* Realized halfway through the day that I hadn't taken my Project 365 photo for the day yet.

* Had no ideas for the photo.

* Steve arrived home and told me he wanted me to go with him BACK to the job site so he could drop off some pipes that he could have just dropped off before driving all the way home.

* Got Grace off the bus and sent the girls with Grandma to meet Granddad at a local pizza joint for Friday night dinner (like they do every Friday).

* Went with Steve to the job site.

* Saw the house Steve's currently working on for the contractor who gives Steve most of his work.

* Asked Steve if said contractor would be willing to have an affair with me so I could have a house like the one we were looking at. Seriously people, you have NO idea...

* Steve commented that the guy really isn't that bad looking.

* Told Steve I didn't care and that I'd just close my eyes during sex if I could land us a house like that.

* Drove home and ate some leftover pizza while Steve cooked up some venison.

* Answered the phone at 6:15 to have our friends ask if we'd be home so they and their two sons could swing by for a visit around 7:00.

* Said sure!

* Steve and I did a whirlwind "cleaning" of the downstairs, which really involved shoving random shit into random drawers to make the house look less cluttered.

* Jumped in the car to go and retrieve my own children from Grandma's house.

* Arrived back home just in time for the friends and their kids to arrive 5 minutes later.

* Hung out, talked, drank beer, smoked (the girls, not the guys. And only ever outside), watched the kids run around like lunatics, and glanced at the clock every now and then.

* Hoped around 9:30 that they'd leave soon since we were already past my kids' bedtimes.

* Kept hanging out, drinking beer, smoking, etc.

* Hoped around 10:30 that they'd leave soon since were already WAY past my kids' bedtimes.

* Kept hanging out, drinking beer, smoking, etc.

* Really, REALLY hoped around 11:00 that they'd get their asses out of my house so I could get my kids to bed.

* Kept hanging out, drinking beer, smoking, etc.

* Was thrilled at 11:15 when they FINALLY gathered up their sons to leave.

* Had the girls sleeping within 10 minutes after they left, and immediately jumped on the ol' computer to catch up.

* Obsessively checked Tink's blog to see which Golden Spork Award I've been given.

* Was bummed to read we won't know until Monday. I don't blame her at all given the amount of people she has to award. I just like to bitch. ;)

* Decided that tonight is the night that perhaps I should go to bed before 3AM like I've been doing for the past week.

So with that, I'm out of here. Later. And enjoy your weekend!


I'm back, just to add my photo for Project 365. This is Grace and her friend, Seth, chilling out on the couch last night. I hate this photo (it was really underexposed and grainy), but it's the only one I took yesterday, so here it is. LOL!



Mary said...

you should get some ambien. I'm asking for it next time I have to go to the Dr.

I was tired last night, and had to force myself to bed at 1am, didn't fall asleep for atleast 25 minutes (the clock was 126 the last time I checked) and had to be up at 6am for work. I still woke up 3 times in that 4.5 hours period. sucky.

you should be more blunt with you're friends, like "oops all the beer's gone, time to go!"

Chelle Y. said...

I was going to say what Mary said about being "blunt" with your friends, but I cannot even do that.

I would just keep "talking and talking" wishing they would leave, so I (not my kid) could go to bed! :)

I am already having a problem "thinking of pictures" for my 365, and it's only been two weeks!