Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Who's Still Awake Tonight?

Huh? Huh? I am. But I shouldn't be. I need some serious sleep. And yet, here I am. I didn't even come here with a particular post in mind. So here are random, stream-of-consciousness thoughts, in no particular order...

** I MUST get a Wii. Must. It's a personal mission of mine.

** "Jesse's Girl" could possibly be one of the best songs ever written. There's a whole story about this song and why my good high school friends and I are obsessed with it. But the truth is, I don't remember the story myself, so I'm afraid you're just going to have to trust me that it's a song that will never die.

** David Cook rules. It kind of sucks for him though that his last name is Cook. That's not really a cool rock star name.

** We're going to see the Black Crowes on July 6th. We're so totally pumped. It's at a VERY small venue, so we're hoping it kicks ass. It could suck though, according to my friend, Tracey, who's seen them twice before. [shrug] It's close (3 miles away), small, and they serve beer. It's all good.

** Richard Marx is playing at the same place next week. Anyone dare me to go?

** If I make it through this week in terms of work and deadlines, I should be sainted, blessed with holy water, and be allowed to call myself the Pope. But I'll take a good night out at a bar.

** We've been getting together with friends a lot lately and I'm loving it. Dan and Rachelle rule, as do Chad, Jen, Jim, Kelly, etc. Seriously, I wish that every one in the world could hang out with Steve after he has a few beers in him. Because he could, possibly, be the funniest person on the planet when that happens. You throw in me & Rachelle, and if you don't piss your pants from laughing so hard, something's wrong with you and I'll personally pay for your therapy.

** "Allison Road" by the Gin Blossoms is another kick ass song. (Are we noticing a "vintage" theme here?)

** Tomorrow is my last day to be 34-years-old. On Thursday, I hit the halfway-to-70 mark and it's all downhill from there. Dear god, how does someone who is (almost) 35 act so much like a 21-year-old? It's mind boggling really.

** Since we're running with a music theme here (OK... so I am. You have nothing to do with this...) let's talk about some of my other latest play-on-repeat-until-other-people-want-to-scream songs...... "It's a Shame About Ray" by the Lemonheads... "Four Minutes" by Justin Timberlake and Madonna... "Girl All the Bad Guys Want" by Bowling for Soup... "Sweet Home Alabama" - Kid Rock's version (also Hannah's latest favorite)... "All Summer Long" and "Amen" by Kid Rock... "It's Not My Time" by Three Doors Down... "Say" by John Mayer... and a bunch by Sara Bareilles. Ahhh... it's all good.

** This weekend is going to be one of the best weekends ever. Birthday celebrations (for various people), beer, cigarettes, Mother's Day presents, sleeping in, karaoke, and giving my mom and mother-in-law some kick ass gifts I made them. Seriously... does life get any better than that? I think not.

And with that, I must head to bed. Such excitement means some sleep is required and I may as well start now, right? Later gang! :)


Special K said...

ROFLMFAO!! I'm all in for the beer and "darts" as in lung-darts...we have a Wii, so I will pray you get one..and happy 35th birthday..I'm 41, and I remember my 35th like it was 6 years! seriously, you sound like you have a great week planned, have fun!!


LotoFoto said...

HEY! Happy Birthday!
I had no idea ;)

You should definitely go see Richard Marx. I think it would make for one of your most hilarious blog posts ever.

Did you see about a month ago, Dooce's post about seeing Rick Springfield in the San Diego airport???? He was wearing a fanny pack... A FANNY PACK!
I swear, she has photos.

Chelle Y. said...

Hey, I will be halfway to 80 this September, and I still act like I am twenty-one. I am too lazy to "grow-up." :)