Thursday, May 08, 2008

Say what you need to say...

We're going with the song lyrics again. "Say" by John Mayer is playing right now, so I pulled some of the lyrics for my blog title. Who says I'm not creative. [rolling eyes]

-------- Brief Pause-------

OK. So since typing that last paragraph, I had some "internet issues" and now "Hollywood's Not America" by Ferras is on. Perhaps I should change my blog post title, "So long... Put your blue jeans back on..." LOL! (Good song BTW. Check it out.)

So I kind of liked my random post yesterday where I just virtually vomited out my thoughts. So let's roll with it, shall we? I figure if something works once, why not twice? And off we go....

** I've become a bit obsessed with music lately. I watch every music channel we have everyday, desperately searching for songs to download. This is not necessarily a bad thing. But I blame Tink for it. Ever since she sent me that CD in the mail that she burned for me, I feel the need to constantly have music playing. At work... at home... in the shower... in the car... when I'm playing outside with the kids... Must. Stop.The.Obsession.

** Chef Ramsey of "Hell's Kitchen" could possibly be one of the hottest guys on the planet. (Shut up. You think it too. You're just too smart to admit it to the world.)

** I'm totally fried in terms of work. This week's deadline is killing me. Just yesterday and today, I worked 23 hours already. My eyes are bleary, my index finger is sore from using my mouse's scroll wheel to fly through documents, and I have a serious issue in my shoulder/neck area from sitting here for 10-12 hours straight, only getting up to pee. I cannot WAIT until this weekend. Sigh.

** Hannah Funny... She decides we're playing hide-and-seek tonight. She also decides she's counting first. So she goes behind a tree to count and Grace is giddy and instead of hiding, she stands on the other side of the tree and keeps peeking around. Hannah gets pissed. The one-sided conversation went as follows (all Hannah, with one hand on her hip and her head cocked to the side with an attitude that can't even be described in words)... "Grace! If you don't stop it, I'm not playing! I'm going to pick up a rock and throw it right in your face! Would you like that? Then you'll need stitches like I did. Do you want stitches? No? Then KNOCK IT OFF!!!" Uhhhh... I wasn't sure whether to laugh my ass off or call the therapist now. If, in a few years, you see that some sweet looking, blue-eyed girl killed her entire family in a fit of rage, please remember this post and direct the policeman to it. Thanks.

** There's a crazy ass stink bug running head first into our ceiling fan lights right now, and frankly, it's annoying. The clicking noise of him attempting suicide bombings is getting to me.

** Hannah had her kindergarten screening today and kicked total ass, as I suspected she would. As long as she doesn't pull out that crazy attitude described a few bullets up, we may be OK. Otherwise, I'll be the first parent of a 5-year-old suspended from school for threatening a classmate.

** Please tell me that I'm not the only one that, when alone, listens to music and lip syncs (or sings out loud) while acting like a wanna-be rockstar. I don't mean just singing along. I mean acting like you're the star in the music video, complete with emotion. I'm talking flashback to Jr. High when you'd sing in front of your mirror with your hairbrush as your microphone. Oh. No one else? Then, um, er... never mind. Just wipe this bullet point right out of your memories please. Thanks.

** I think the aforementioned stink bug just bit the dust. Because I heard him dive bomb and hit the wood floor, and now it (literally) stinks in here. I told the little bastard to stop flying head first into a really hot light bulb. That'll teach him. Burn, little fucker. Burn.

** I'm excited. My Aeropostale order is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Tank tops, and shorts, and camis, and all sorts of other fun stuff. I didn't plan it that way, but I'm going to call it my birthday present to myself and call it a day. :)

OK. I think that's enough for today. I wouldn't want the lot of you to continue listening to me rambling, prompting you to shove hot ice picks into your own eyeballs. So I'm calling it a night. I'm off to grab a last Marlboro Light, a few more swigs of beer, and then I'm sliding into bed next to my hot husband, so I can wake up tomorrow at 6 AM and continue my descent into documentation and deadline hell. Later gang...

Quote of the Day:
Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.
--Napoleon Hill


Chelle Y. said...


I hope you get everything you wish for this year! :)

Susan's 365 said...

Happy birthday! Hope it's a great day and a relaxing weekend.

Amber said...

Hannah and Georgie sound alike. And I have to say, the whole girl thing is new to me, having all brothers and Wyatt... It is...interesting. lol


Special K said...

Happy Birthday to you!! I found your blog thru Jen Wilson's site and have been laughing my ass off ever since! (Kim)

Mary said...

Hope ya had a good day, and met your deadlines!

Tink said...

I can think of far worse things to be obsessed with. Since I got my Ipod in December, I have downloaded 2,000 new songs to it. Yeah...

Hello my name is Tink, and I'm an Itunes-aholic.