Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fun with Focus

Sooo... I spent over 3.5 hours today at the local ball fields for Grace's softball game and then Hannah's T-ball game later in the day. Other than that, I've done nothing productive. The girls have been really good actually, and managed to occupy themselves reading and drawing.

In a bit, I'll take them to my parents' house for the night. Steve and I are SUPPOSED to go to two parties/picnics -- one with his old high school friends and one with my old high school friends. Truthfully though, I'm not in the mood to go to either (which is odd for me). Steve left at 4 AM to go turkey hunting this morning and I haven't heard from him since (it's now almost 5 PM), which tells me he's not that excited about the parties either. LOL!

But see, we have this bad habit of ditching ALL of our friends' parties. Sometimes just because, and sometimes because we have other obligations and just can't get there. But these people come to ALL of our stuff, so we REALLY need to at least go to the party with my friends. Sigh.

So while the girls were occupied today, I messed around with some more photos I took the past few days. Yesterday, no one else was home and I felt like experimenting with my camera again. I'm really trying to learn about depth of field, focal point, aperture, etc. Since I really have no interest at all in taking photos of things that aren't people (it's just not my thing... Photos of flowers and bugs and random buildings do nothing for me), I set up a mirror on the floor in Grace's room (best natural lighting) and had at it. I felt like a total dork at the time, but it's always fun for me to mess around in Photoshop afterwards. Anyway... here are a few shots (because I'm sure you really care).



This one is/was totally out of focus, but for some reason I liked it, so I changed it to sepia and declared it "artsy." LOL!



And I call these two "Fun with Focus" (LOL!) because I had set my focal point on my feet in the reflection of the mirror.



I especially like this last one because I like how my real feet and my reflection are out of focus and the reflection of my feet is in focus, which is what I was trying to do. (Please note the small spots of nail polish on each large toe. I NEVER paint my toenails (or fingernails), but a few weeks ago, I threw on some open-toed sandals to wear to work and my nails were dirty underneath, so I quick whipped some of Hannah's polish on them. I don't own nail polish remover, so I'm waiting for it to just naturally wear off of my nails. LOL!)



And here are a few from Grace's softball game last night. This one is Hannah watching the game through the fence.

Watching Grace's Game


A close up of Grace I took while looking through the fence.

Grace at Softball Crop


And one of Hannah. Don't you wonder what she was thinking? I do.

Hannah in Thought

Well, I suppose I should call Steve's cell phone and see if I should shower or something for these stupid parties. Grumble grumble. More later I guess...


Mary said...

Well I would have to say that you getting that camera was NOT a waste of money lol.

nice shots playing around, that last one worked out perfectly.

I hate taking pics thru the fence, but yours turned out great!

Kimmykay said...

LOVE your pics. Can I admit that I didn't own fingernail polish remover (since I don't paint my nails) but the girls have been into painting nails (mine too). Catherine got Jeff in a weak moment and painted his toenails. He made me go buy remover since he said he felt weird walking about at work with painted nails even though he wore his shoes all day, snort!

Chelle Y. said...

Those are actually very cute pictures of you! How did you not get the light reflection in the picture?