Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm Not Gonna Write You a Love Song...

We're pulling song lyrics again, my friends. And actually, that title doesn't even remotely reflect this post, because hell, if I could write a love song, I'm pretty sure I'd do it whether I felt you were worthy or not. [shrug] But it was that or "Billie Jean is not my lover..." and that one seemed a little weird.

This is going to be Day # 3 of my little blog "Vomit Fest" where I just spew forth random thoughts and happenings of the day. [shrug] It seems to be working for all of us, so let's keep it up, shall we?

** Every time I see/hear/think of the "Billie Jean" song, I'm reminded that I went to high school with a girl named Bobbi Jo. Yup. For real. That poor, poor girl. "Hello redneck parents. It's nice to meet you. You have destroyed your daughter's chance of ever being taken seriously once she tells people her name. Hope you're happy."

** "Hi. My name's Allison and I'm a David Cook-aholic." I know. I know. I shouldn't even admit it. It's kind of embarrassing that a 35-year-old lady (I hate that word "lady" by the way) has downloaded every available David Cook song she could get her grimy little hands on and listens to them repeatedly. That's weird, isn't it? Crap. Of course, I guess it could be worse -- I could be obsessed with David Archuletta. That would be weird. What is he? Like 10? LOL!

** We've rounded up some more people for this weekend's local "Birthday Bash" at the bar. Yay! Babysitters  all over the place are being called for this Saturday, all being begged to please watch some kids while their moms and dads go out and get shit-faced with Allison. (Seriously... we have sooo much fun when it's just me and Steve. God only knows what will happen this weekend. I PROMISE to take some pictures.)

** I still haven't finished my documents for my deadline. But it's cool. My bosses were shocked at how much I did finish and are thrilled and impressed with what I cranked out. They kind of sprung it on me at the last minute. I have literally proofed, reformatted, and fixed up over 30 documents this week.  I realize that doesn't sound that impressive until you realize that most of those documents are over 800-pages long. I've never read/typed so fast in my life. Seriously, I'm surprised I'm not blind right now. Hey, is there a lawsuit in there somewhere? If I start not being able to see right, can I sue them and say they chained me to my desk and drove me to blindness? Hmmmm.... I've already worked WAY more than 40 hours this week, but I'm afraid I have to wake up tomorrow morning and do it all over again. Sigh. One more day... one more day... one more day...

** Does anyone else find themselves using keyboard shortcuts in the wrong programs? I love me some keyboard shortcuts. Since I'm a tech writer, I know virtually every keyboard shortcut in Microsoft Word that exists. I can literally write/edit an entire document without once touching my mouse. I can get to the end of a word, the end of a line, the end of a document, boldface, italicize, cut, paste, copy, highlight an entire paragraph, change a style in a template, etc. with the simple push of a button or two. And I know probably more than the average person for Photoshop too. But I often find myself automatically using those key strokes in the wrong programs. And that kind of annoys me. I think all of the keyboard shortcut people of the world should get together and have a big convention and come up with universal set that works in all programs. Hell, I'll host it. At our pig roast this summer. We'll just call it a big ol' Geek Fest and have at it. Stay tuned for details... And if you're a keyboard shortcut creator geek by trade, contact me. We'll talk.

** Is anyone else seriously disappointed in Survivor? After tonight's vote, I almost don't want to watch the finale on Sunday night. It's ALL chicks left. For some reason, that annoys me in ways I can't even begin to explain. Eric, could possibly be the dumbest person to ever walk on the face of the planet. But when you're 20-something years old and still working as an ice cream scooper, chances are you weren't given the biggest brain in the Creator's box if you know what I mean. And I wouldn't care about the girls so much if they weren't all total bitches. Sigh. DAMN those stupid, stupid men. [shaking head]

** I think I was a rock star in a former life. Unfortunately, I lost all ability to actually sing when I was transported into this one. Damn shame I tell ya.

And the only other thing I have to say is thank you to those of you that offered up birthday wishes. Other than working an insane amount of hours, it was a good day. I ate hot wings, drank beer, and watched 3 of my very favorite shows all in a row. So I can't complain. Thanks again guys! :)

Quote of the Day:
I not only use all the brains I have but all that I can borrow.
--Thomas Woodrow Wilson


Tink said...

David Cook is so cute when he sings...

...But then he stops.

Happy Birfday (again)!! We're going out on Saturday to celebrate Hoop's brother being in town. Maybe we could drunk dial each other eh? ;)

Susan's 365 said...

Have a blast tonight. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Chelle Y. said...

I was TICKED about Survivor too, especially when Ozzy was voted off. I also liked James and wanted him to win when Ozzy left. Now, I do not know who I want to see win, but I do know, it is not Parv or Natalie! :)

I want to see David Cook win!

Carrie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Have fun tonight!