Monday, May 19, 2008

Lazy Days and Good Friends

Ahhh... everyone needs days like today. It was raining and overcast almost all day. The kids couldn't go outside, but for some reason, they were OK with that.

We played board games almost all day, while watching the Indiana Jones marathon on the Sci-Fi channel, and just chilling out.

Rainy Day

I had gone grocery shopping first thing this morning, so we had food in the house (unlike the past few days). I did at least 6 loads of laundry (mostly blankets, sheets and towels), and actually put them away instead of letting them stacked (but clean) in the laundry room.

So it was one of those half-lazy and half-productive days that are my favorite. The guilt of being lazy is balanced out by the fact that you did, indeed, get things done. Awesome.


I forgot to mention that last week one day, I finally got to talk to Tink on the phone. First of all, she sounds exactly like I expected her to sound. Too funny. But what struck me was that the second we started talking, you'd swear we'd been friends for years. (Which, technically, I suppose we have been. But we hadn't actually "spoken" other than in blog comments and email until now.) Both of us babbled... both of joked and laughed... and we somehow came up with an idea to revolutionize the beer keg. We swear we're going to get rich with this idea. Watch for it. You won't be disappointed. ;)


I actually have nothing else to say about today. And I'm OK with that. Sometimes the most uneventful days are the best ones. :)

So with that, I leave you with my Project 365 shot (the first one), and a few others just for good measure.



A Girl and Her Stuffed Animals

Laughing Grace

Hannah TBall Uniform


Susan's 365 said...

Let's hear it for lazy days. We didn't leave the house at all yesterday, but I got a lot accomplished.

Great photos as always!!

LotoFoto said...

Awesome, awesome photos!
I've been looking forward to your photos forever now.
Are you going to restart a 365?

Were all of these taken with the 50?

Tink said...

I think we should be selective to who we sell this idea to. What's your favorite beer? Maybe we can bribe them to keep us both stocked for life.