Friday, May 30, 2008

Tere! (That's hello in Estonian.)

I've decided I'm going to start stalking Tink. I have no rhyme or reason behind this decision. But the link to her honeymoon cruise in six-months made me decide that I should be on that cruise too, dammit. So me, Steve, her and Hoop are going to get adjoining cabins, whoop it up, get shit-faced, and have a blast. What's that you said? It's their honeymoon and they should be alone? Pfft! Whatever. They'll have years of "alone time." A wedding is a time to whoop it up. Right Tink? Right? Um, hello? Tink, you there? Shit. Maybe there won't be a cruise for me after all. Sigh.


So I found the coolest website today. OK. So I didn't technically discover it. It's not like some poor sap in a basement in Arkansas had a website that no one found until today. But I got the link through a blog I read (or newletter? or article? I don't remember. Something.) Anyway, I digress. The site is called Tag Galaxy and it's amazingly cool. You type in a tag (like you'd use on Flickr) and these little planets whirl around on your screen (and at you. Note to self: Don't drop acid and then visit this site). Anyway, you can continue to click on search tags and then whenever the mood strikes, you can click on a link to go find all of the photos on Flickr that have that/those tags. Then they whirl around on your screen and land on a photo sphere where you can click on to see the photo, etc. So cool! Go check it out. Even if you don't give a rat's ass about Flickr, the Tag Galaxy site is fun to play with and watch.


Speaking of cool websites, I also ended up here today at Big Huge Labs, found through Flickr. Now a few Christmases ago, you may remember where I made a bunch people in my family a CD calendar. It's a standard CD jewel case simply snapped back and sitting on your desk like an easel. Then every month, you just slide your monthly calendar in it and enjoy.

Anyway, I needed a calendar page for June since June is occurring sooner than  I would care to admit or face. So I went to that there link up there, picked a starting month/year, chose a photo right from my Flickr account (although you can just upload a photo if you'd rather go that route), and clicked the Create button.

A few seconds later,  the calendar page appeared on my screen, I saved it to my computer, opened it in Photoshop, resized it to 4.25" and printed it out. (It sounds WAY more complicated than it is. Trust me.) And here it is... my page for June. Sweet.

CD Calendar


OK. I just fell asleep like 3 times sitting here, so I guess that's my cue to head to bed. It's been a pleasure talking to you, my friends. See you soon!  I'll leave you with a few more photos I managed to post-process this morning.

Filling the Watering Can


This was Hannah sleeping this morning (That's Grace's head behind her. LOL!) She looked to cute and peaceful not to take a picture.

Sleeping Beauty


Grace being her typical self, hanging upside down on the swing. The kid kills me.

The Unconventional One


Grace just playing in the yard over the weeekend...

Grace in Yard


And this is Hannah yelling at me. She just wanted to play ball and I kept snapping her picture. She was pissed. LOL!

Knock it off Mom!

Quote of the Day:
A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.
--William James


Tink said...

Would it still be considered stalking if I invited you? ;)

Chelle Y. said...

Do you have that camera draped around your neck 24/7? You get the coolest pictures.

Mary said...

great pics!

V-Grrrl said...

The soft tones and black and white photos are my favorites. Great camera work.